This is R2, the autonomous car of Nuro and Domino’s Pizza that already delivers pizzas at home in Houston

It was 2013 when Domino’s Pizza, the well-known American pizza chain, began to test in the United Kingdom to deliver pizzas with drones. Now the company has taken a step further in Houston (United States), where from now on it will be possible to a fully autonomous car, christened R2, delivered the pizza to our doorstep.

It is an autonomous vehicle developed by Nuro and customized with the theme of Domino’s Pizza. It is the first fully autonomous highway delivery vehicle to have received regulatory approval from the United States Department of Transportation and, for the time being, will operate at Domino’s in Woodland Heights (Houston).

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what they are, how they work and what others exist besides Bitcoin

We are going to explain to you what exactly are cryptocurrencies, so that if you have heard of them in general or of a specific one such as Bitcoin, you can know what it is exactly. It is a type of digital exchange medium that has been with us for more than a decade, but it has been in recent years that its fame has increased the most.

In addition to explaining what they are, we will also try to explain briefly and simply how they work internally, in addition to also mentioning some of the others that currently exist and are being heard about.

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