A prequel of Game of Thrones announced House of the Dragons

House of the Dragons
House of the Dragons
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A prequel of Game of Thrones announced

Quite a few of you know the title of the Game of Thrones prequel. So, here it comes who don’t know the title of Game of Thrones prequel is House of the Dragons. Some people are said that it is the fake news that Game of Thrones Prequel is not possible to make. But here we come for all details of the House of Card Series. Here, you will get the detail of Release Date, Production set up, Plot, Trailer, and Cast.

House of the Dragons
House of the Dragons

There are lots of talks has been happened in the past, about the prequel of the Game of the Thrones. But House of the Dragon is the right series that will be hope for as popular as the Game of Thrones. House of the Dragons is the Spin-off series of world number one series Game of Thrones. People are craving for the Season premiere of a prequel.

People who have watched the Game of Thrones, they know that at the end of the series there is the only Targaryen Dynasty lived. They involved in the Brutal Civil war and saved the kingdom from the fight. Dragons are brutal at that time of war; every family member aims to cut the throats of Each Other. Fire And Blood Event is remaining and from that George R R Martin Book, makers are about to adopt from that book.

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When Will Game Of Thrones Spin-off Releases?

The date has been set to announce of House of Dragon. But makers have confirmed the prequel series, this series will contain 10 Episodes. This announcement has been done in 2019. The official press release announcement is coming on the way. So, note down that House of the Dragons is confirmed and will come on any day you will get the news. Production is still on the waiting line because of the Corona Pandemic.

The plot of House of the Dragons

If makers announced everything about the season then what is the interest to watch. So, HBO announces only the hint like The Dragon will take place 300 years before Game of Thrones. They will cover the Targaryen dynasty.

 Who will return to House of the Dragons?

Now, let’s talk about the cast of the House of the Dragon. Mad King, Rhaegar, Aegon the Conqueror, and the Old King Jaeharys is set to return with their own characters. Other cast names are not released yet, But people are expected to more than Targaryens, Westeros, and Ennos Ancestors kingdom once again.

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