Why something as innocent as giving your ID in Wallapop and on the Internet can cost you a hell of months of complaints and trials

You have one or more items for sale on Wallapop or similar platforms. A user writes you interested in what you sell, but putting conditions on you. “I’m going to pick it up in an hour, but first I need a photo of your ID on both sides, with no hidden data. Yes no, I do not trust, and I do not buy it“.

This is the situation in which the relative of a server was seen, and the same can happen if you are the one who buys. Without really knowing why, He sent the photo they asked for his ID, and just after sending it, the sale was thwarted, despite collaborating and delivering the data they requested and having good ratings in Wallapop.

All the types of scams that you find in Wallapop and other sites of sale between individuals

Behind these “innocent” requests are plots that can make that if we hand over our data we end up in a judicial hell (and more things, even if they are less serious) throughout Spain. Let’s see how it works.

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