What Is Leaving Netflix June 2018?

What Is Leaving Netflix in June 2018?

Netflix has completed its time travel by leaving highly watched T.V. shows, movies, and Comedians specials in June 2018. if you are looking for what is going on NetFlix May 2018, then don’t worry; I have covered that article here.

And now let’s discuss the list of tv shows, movies, and Comedians specials that will be removed from Netflix in June 2018.

The official confirmation about this will come soon. Still, as per our information, these all listed TV Shows, Movies & Comedians Specials are confirmed to leave the Netflix streaming service in June 2018 (United States).

List Of What Is Leaving Netflix In June 2018:


Lucky Louie (Season 1 Tom Goes to the Mayor (Season 4)

The League (Season 7) Monday Monday (Creative the Year’s Work)

What About Brian (Season 2) Dollhouse (Season 2) The Bernie Mac Show (Seasons 5-6)

Destroyer Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical One Day at a Time (Seasons 1-2) Torchwood Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 4, Episode 19 – Season Finale Part II – June 11th ) How I Met Your Mother It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Orange is the new black Law & Order: SVU WEBISODES/SHORTS/COMEDIANS SPECIALS: Chelsea Handler 2017 World Tour Tom Segura Mostly Stories 2012 Comedy Bang! Bang! (T.V. Series – 384-385)

Patton Oswalt:

Annihilation Stand-up Special Doug Loves Movies (2005-2014) You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes (2011-2012) Human Giant (2006-2007 ) The Jeselnik Offensive (Season 2 – 2013) Aziz Ansari: Dangerously Delicious (2012) Bob’s Burgers (Season 5, Episode 11 – New Kid on the Block; Season 6, Episode 1 – Mother Daughter Laser Razor; Season 7, Episode 10 – Tina and the Real Ghost; Season 8, Episode 9 – Gene It On; Season 9, Episode 3 – Slumber Party 2014) Louie CK 2016 Tour 2016 Comedy Bang! Bang! Year In Review Netflix Presents Julie Klausner: Only Jerks End Up Here (2013) Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live (2014)

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