Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date

Tokyo Revengers is a manga and anime series by Ken Wakui with a worldwide following. 

After being animated, the series became more popular, and the fan base expanded significantly.

During the long-awaited Jump Festa 2022, the fans of the Tokyo Revengers, after the release of season 1, we’re waiting for information about the second season of the series.

It was officially confirmed that season 2 for the series Tokyo Revengers was in the making, giving the audience the joy of watching their favorite series again.

At Jump Festa 2022, Ken Wakui’s famous anime series was picked up for its second season. Even though the release date has not been confirmed, hopefully, it will be coming soon.

Because the first season was produced in nine months, the second season can be expected to be released in July of this year, i.e., 2022. 

Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers has nearly 400,000 ratings on MyAnimeList, giving it an astounding 8.25.

The Plot of season 1:

At the age of 26, Takemichi Hanagaki, who has little to do with his life, learns that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, and her younger brother have been killed by the Tokyo Manjikai Gang.

Takemichi is distraught, but he has the power to change everything when he is thrown twelve years back in time.

Takemichi took advantage of this unusual condition to change the fate of Hinata, who was still breathing when he returned to the current scenario. 

Unluckily, his actions led to unpredictable outcomes. 

From thereon, Takemichi can jump back and forth, existing both in the present and 12 years ago, which works to his advantage and helps him stay safe from numerous lethal incidents.

Martial arts, on the other hand, is his compromise because the gangsters are unpredictable and dangerous. 

Takemichi comes across that he has been selected to guide the primary department in the primary season, which is good news. 

However, the target market is left with a dramatic cliffhanger that places Takemichi’s existence in jeopardy.

Season 2 will probably pick up where Season 1 left off, with Takemichi amid a risky state of affairs concerning different gang members.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new season of their new favorite series. “Tokyo Revengers” second season appears to be released in 2023.

We’ll keep you updated about the upcoming release dates when we are provided with any information by the officials. 

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