Purchase Purple ‘Fortnite’ Xbox Separately, Confirms Microsoft Leak

Purchase Purple ‘Fortnite’ Xbox Separately, Confirms Microsoft

Now, Xbox Controller will available for Fortnite Game. Yes, you can buy it separately, Microsoft Confirms that Purple Fortnite Xbox will available for separately Fortnite only.

Now for Role Battle game, you have royale Xbox Controller. Microsoft will separate it from Xbox One S Bundle Which having for all-controlling. Sometimes you get some unintentional functions while playing games. And for some feature, you will really need such as 3.5mm Audio Jack, Windows 10 Devices Supported, Button Mapping Function, Bluetooth Connectivity, Microsofts’s Xbox Accessory Shop.

Fortnite Game
Fortnite Game

This year Microsoft is giving bonus who loves to play Fortnite. Now, you can order special edition feature controller. In which you can access only Fortnite game controller. Actually, it is controlling the whole in-game. Like a Legendary Dark Vertex character outfit and 500 V-Bucks for the digital store.

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Let’s talk about when you will get a controller and for that how much you have to pay. So, Controller is Starting on the market walk from September 26, you have to pay $65 to purchase it from retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and Microsoft’s Online Store.

Once Xbox has released the statement about Xbox One S, They said like purple Fortnite-inspired Xbox One S, it’s bundled content, as well as its release date of June 7 for $299 USD. The console alongside the bundle will be offered for $50 USD during launch as part of E3’s Celebration.

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Gradient Purple Color Xbox is leaked in May, In Which you can see Xbox One S and it is inspired by the Epic Games Fortune. But now the official statement is released so there is no chance on doubting because they said that special Edition Xbox will launch.

According to leak, Console will available and withing next few days you will get the console in $299 Dollars. In Bundled Content, you will get newly included “Dark Vertex” Screen and 2000 V-Bucks. Within a month you will get Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, It will be available with 1TB of Blue-Ray Optical Drive.

Fans are happy with this release and announcement. They are sharing the news about the release of Fortnite Special Edison Edition.

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