Fortnite Season X Comes Back Today – Download Fortnite Season X

Fortnight Season X Comes Back Today – Download Fortnight Season X

The most popular Rolaye Battle game Fortnight is back with the Season X. Yes, you have heard right it is back today with more exciting challenges, BRUTE Mech Suit and many more to go.

Fortnight Season X
Fortnight Season X

Fortnight Season X is called ‘Out of Time’ if you have following device to play then it will be released on that device. It will be released on Xbox One, PC, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. So, These are the Supported device of Fortnight Season X: Out of Time.

The gameplay of Fortnight Season X

The gameplay of ‘Out of time’ is more about the missions. So, you have to clear one by missions. To take on in the battle, New Battle Pass Features is in Season X. Win at missions and get a grand reward back. Take them as an objective, so at the end of the missions, you will earn the Battle Stars, XP and Cosmetic Items. Explore the game and get more details and information from the Battle Pass and Challenges Tab.

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What will you get in Season X

Battle Pass

You know that Battle Pass is a newly introduced battle in the game. So, New Season is come up with New Battle Pass, 100 Levels, over 100 new Rewards. You can gift it to your friend. As the first purchase of the game, it will be included with the gift box. So, You can use it when you get the gifting item from the shop.

Rift Zone

Location of the playing mode is the island. So, Zero Point Explosion is the process here which made the island a Volatile. In the beginning, you thought that why they are not same. It is because of the explosion.  So, Drop in the place, Explore it Discover it and see mysterious gameplay changes they have in store.

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Like Mech Suits, few of them are making you a powerful while performing challenges. This is the Two-Person Vehicle, where players can control its movement while their partner controls its firepower. Shooting and Moving is the activity here and by switching them you can feel the adventurous journey. Solely you can activate in this mission.

In Out of Time, Driver can able to Dash into Combat. Jump for the victory, Stomp the enemies and structure into the ground. Shotgun and Missile launcher is newly introduced weapons. Additionally, Vaulted with a little but brutal weapons. Arena Game Mode is updated. So Play Season X and Chill.

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