Sony – Microsoft join Hands; Decide to contribute towards Partnership

In the technology circle, a partnership between the rivals is something entirely unexpected and what one would never find transforming into reality.

The competitors in the gaming arena – the makers of PS4 and Xbox, are coming together.

Yes, we are talking about Sony and Microsoft coming together to form an alliance in the arena of gaming and cloud services.

Both companies have entered into a strategic partnership. They will be planning a shared network of technology and information.

The shared information infrastructure will be helpful for both the companies for enhanced performance of their future initiatives.

The industry experts believe that this has more to do with the entry of Google in the world of gaming through its Google Stadia platform.

As the chief executive of Sony, Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida said, “will show my support to the advancement of interactive content,”.

Both the companies will now involve themselves in the development of cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure.

They will use it for developing their gaming and content streaming services. The agreement opens up new possibilities.

This can even pile up the certainty of cross-play functionality in the future, which will be an added advantage for Sony, which has been struggling with the low download speeds.

Microsoft, on the other hand, should be able to add up more clients to the already powerful and popular cloud platform. It will also have access to the image sensors developed by Sony.

In essence, the partnership will indeed bring in a massive development for both the companies. Let us wait to find how the partnership develops further.

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