ARQ Group Joins Microsoft Marketing as Partner

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ARQ Group Joins Microsoft Marketing as Partner

From next term, Microsoft included ARQ in its Marketing Squad. Now, ARQ Group is a new Marketing partner of The Microsoft. Recently, ARQ  Group has signed the agreement of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program. It will see Microsoft product marketing reach and support lead generation to get the customer into it.

ARQ Group Joins Microsoft Marketing as Partner
ARQ Group Joins Microsoft Marketing as Partner

ARQ Known for the small and medium scale medium marketing business brand. Now This partnership will help Microsoft to introduce the new way of digital marketing path. Team ARQ Will get into the business transformation through pay per click search marketing platform.

Before ARQ, Microsoft is used by Bing Ads. It is an advanced search tool. It helps them to connect the prospect clients and customers. Now, ARQ Aim to target audience for lead generation, which allows them to communicate across the proper audience, for that ARQ will help Custom Bing Ads or New Microsoft Integrated Software for the new growing market.

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After Collaboration ARQ Group CEO Brett Fenton Addressing the Media to praise the Microsoft Partner Program.

Brett Said, Identifying, engaging, and converting new customers across industries and markets is a challenge faced by every business. Microsoft Advertising will allow us to give our customers more choice and flexibility when it comes to improving their search needs and building out their sales funnel.

Microsoft only trusts the creative and highly qualified marketing agencies for marketing campaigns. Then they will turn deep into the progressive business of the marketing to the industry with a digital company and intelligent search tactics.

Further, Fenton Added, “Arq Group’s partnership with Microsoft Advertising is central to our commitment to bolster our search and digital capabilities, through both people and product,”

Currently, ARQ is fully certified in marketing agencies. Now, it is a partner with a complete package of the Microsoft Advance Advertising Platform. Now, the Agency has to stretch up with Microsoft to explore the new world of marketing. For that, they have to enhance their skill set. So, they have to attend the technical and marketing training to meet the exclusive area of the field.

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