Video Game ‘Ninja’ Mix up with the Microsoft’s Mixee

Video Game ‘Ninja’ Mix up with the Microsoft’s Mixer

The Popular video game is likely to collaborate with Microsoft’s Mixed. For that, Ninja is clear the way of Amazon. Yes, Ninja ditched the Amazon with the clarity of Microsoft collaboration.

Video Game ‘Ninja’ Mix up with the Microsoft’s Mixee
Video Game ‘Ninja’ Mix up with the Microsoft’s Mixee

Ninja is announced the switching platform declaration by famous video game live streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. So,  This announcement is declared on a Thursday morning. With the direct statement that they are moving with the Mixer, Mixer is a live game streaming partner, Microsoft is giving the Mixer.

Tyler Blevins is tweeting it with the Video. So, this comes with the video and of the Mock press conference where he declares like this. This is the official tweet from the Tyler Blevins.

Statement of Officials

Tyler is saying consider with his fans, He tells that Live streaming and the would not change anything. You will get what they get before it. Also, He said about the streaming roots in the following video. Full Statement of the Live streamer is “I know this may come as a shock to many of you, It’s the same me, just a different platform,” also he said about the old streaming roots. These roots are attached with the Microsoft banner Mixer.

On another side, Microsoft Spokesperson Welcoming the Ninja into their kingdom. Later he said that “We’re thrilled to welcome Ninja and his community to Mixer, Mixer is a place that was formed around being positive and welcoming from day one, and we look forward to the energy Ninja and his community will bring.”

With this collaboration, Amazon’s Game Streaming Platform Twitch is facing loss. Because Ninja Moves from Amazon’s Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer. There no official statement from the Amazon’s officials after switching that platform. But they will surely fall in the loss because Ninja is most followed game streamer who having 14 millions of the followers.

Now, he has to refresh the start from scratch after Mixer collaboration. When this written at that time follower counter is the 18, 000. Deal with the streamer, Microsoft is signing the big amount to convince him to join in the Mixer. He brings back with the revenue streaming scheme too.

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