Pre-order Accepted for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Pre-order Accepted for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Get ready for another round of the Call of Duty multiplayer with Modern Warfare. This newly fresh round starts with the new rolls of the updates with the army boots, controllers.


This 2019’s Call of Dury: Modern Warfare again continues till the next three years. It is included in the Activation and Infinity Group. In this three year of the cycle, the game will be rebooting in FPS Multiplayer Games.

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The granddaddy of all shooters is likely going to take over all players life, 2019’s edition seems to improve on the online experience of gaming, with up to 100-player battles, a dedicated Battle Royale mode, and lots and lots of guns to play with.

Activation of the game is starting now. Pre-order of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is on now. Activation of the game shown some live streaming experience of the game. Who loves Call Of Duty for them it Dark mode is exclusively best and they will surely love it.

New Modern Warfare is a bit like a Soft Reboot of the Past Series. The gameplay of the game showed us a much more reserved Call of Duty than some are used to. Gone are the days of weed-leaf skins and floss dancing, Call of Duty is now mean, serious and all the more fun for it.

If you want to take a gun in the virtual world then go and click on the preorder of it. From October 15 it will take you on your hand. It is expensive also. Dark Edition of the Game will cost you an around 179.99 Euro.

Dark Edition is designed such a fully functioning pair of Night Vision Goggles that work up to 20 meters. So, they are kitted out with custom decals and a special design from Infinity Ward itself.

Game Content

  • Custom In-Game Tactical Knife
  • Crew Expandable, All Grilled up, War Pig in Operator Pack

When you get it each operator Pack gives you a Themed Operator Skin, Additional Bonus Content, and Cosmetic Weapon Variant.

Xbox One Version, Dark Edition of the Game is available on the Amazon.

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