Why do you think Messi is more than Maradona, the whole truth of the day his pass to Boca fell and the criticism of Bielsa: 7 phrases by José Luis Chilavert

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José Luis Chilavert made his choice between Messi and Maradona (EFE)
José Luis Chilavert made his choice between Messi and Maradona (EFE)

José Luis Chilavert He is one of the most outstanding personalities in South American soccer. The Paraguayan has been noted for his great skill as a goalkeeper in his times as a player and for his sharp language when making statements in his time as a professional and, fundamentally, today. Beyond the controversies generated by his statements, the former Vélez and San Lorenzo is always a reference when analyzing the current situation of sport on the continent.

This time, Chilavert was dispatched with a strong sentence when evaluating the eternal discussion of Argentine soccer regarding who is better, if Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi. The Paraguayan was forceful: "Messi is the best on the planet, without a doubt. Maradona did not earn even 1% of everything Messi earned. ”

"The Argentines would have told him a traitor if Messi chose Spain as they offered him, they have to thank him for choosing Argentina. It is a pleasure to see him play, ”said the 54-year-old former footballer, speaking to El Show de la Oral on Radio Rivadavia.

San Lorenzo It was the club that opened the doors to Chilavert in Argentina, but Velez It was the team that showed its best version and conquered the most titles (nine, between national and international conquests, including the Intercontinenetal Cup of 1994). His success in the Fortín motivated the interest of River and of Mouth. In the Millionaire he was very close to signing, but his pass fell at the last moment and something similar happened with the Xeneize.

The Paraguayan shone in his time in Vélez and was wanted by River and Boca (Photo: Instagram / chilavert_tagrams)
The Paraguayan shone in his time in Vélez and was wanted by River and Boca (Photo: Instagram / chilavert_tagrams)
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Regarding what happened with the riverside club, he revealed: “Out of respect for Vélez I told (Raúl) Gámez that the people of Boca wanted to meet with me. I got together with Macri and he offered me a minor contract, the meeting lasted 20 minutes

"After that meeting with Macri I recommended that he hire one of the best archers in South America for Boca who was Oscar Córdoba"He said.

When talking about Argentine coaches, Chilavert was critical of Marcelo Bielsa (”I don't think the group management he has is for large teams with figures. He is a great strategist but sometimes fails to manage”) And complimentary with Marcelo Gallardo. "His work at River is excellent, is one of the best technicians in South America"He said about the Doll.

Finally, he assured that he does not rule out getting into politics in Paraguay and spoke about one of the burning issues of the world today: racism. “In football it existed always and everywhere. In Paraguay, Argentina and Europe. In Spain they shouted at me Indian, SudacaHe recalled.


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