Get Android Pie Experience in Nvidia Shield TV

Get Android Pie Experience in Nvidia Shield TV

In 2015, NVIDIA has started to bring in The Nvidia Shield TV in Market. In that version, Android Lollipop 5.1 is featuring in that TV. Now that comes up with 2019 version Android Pie 8.0 Version. Last, in 2017, they give the upgradations and after two years and included Android Pie 8.0. It is called SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.0. Now, Shield TV upgrades with the Android 9 Pie.

Android 9 pie Nvidia Shield
Android 9 pie Nvidia Shield

General Features of the Android Pie 9 is directly integrated into the Nvidia Shield TV. So, Like Android TV updates like it is updated in the Nvidia Shield TV. You will get many handy features after updates. And you can easily set up and text entry with google’s “Autofill with Google” Feature. Using this feature you can easily transfer account details and access it. In this case, you can fetch the Wi-fi Passwords and account details from your phone.

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‘March Content Color Space’ Feature is configured in a new update. So, In Android Pie updated Shield TV. This feature will help you with your HDR TV. So, In HDR TV, it will support better adaptive color for supported video screens. Awaiting feature for Shield TV user is Hulu’s improvement in the Android TV. Also, it supports to live TV.

You will experience new game such as Bravo and E, this is the compact version of the SiNKR.

Enhancement in NVIDIA Shield TV

Let’s see improvement and enhancement in the Nvidia Shield TV after Android Pie Coming in it.

  • Adds option to match content color space (Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced).
  • SHIELD TV remote app adds Bluetooth assist for pairing and improves connection.
  • Adds “Disconnect Bluetooth accessories” option to quick settings.
  • Updates “Display and Sounds” advanced setting into two easier to navigate menus.
  • Adds option to turn off USB power when SHIELD sleeps.
  • Improves volume dynamic range for USB and Bluetooth connected headsets.
  • Enables 720p refresh rate switching on supported apps.
  • Adds IR power control options to customize on/off functionality.
  • Adds option to connect to 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi network with shared SSID.
  • Latest Firmware versions are also updated.

After long overdue finally, Android Pie update hits in the NVIDIA Shield TV. Previously, the details about the Mild Hardware Refresh for Shield TV is leaked due to slowness.

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Now, with new hardware, it will anticipate with the stable refreshment. Macro updates are behind the slowness and now Android Pie Rollout gives the aside of Android Oreo. They already test the Oreo and due to this Shield is start hitting. So, they are select Android Pie for Nvidia Shield TV.

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