Touch ID, base model specs, braided cables, MagSafe, colors, ports, and more

We continue with more details. We have already talked about all the details of the AirTag, as well as all the details of the new Apple TV. Next on the list of presentations from yesterday’s event is the iMac. A computer that received a total redesign and many new featuresLet’s see them in detail.

The base model of the iMac

Apple has chosen to launch the iMac with two prices and different features. The basic iMac, priced at 1,449 euros it is available in four colors: blue, green, pink and silver. This configuration offers us 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage and a Magic Keyboard without Touch ID.

We can update the storage and RAM of these new iMac that reach up to 2TB of SSD storage and RAM of up to 16GB. Although surely we will also want to consider the step to superior model than, for 1669 euros, it offers us two USB 3 ports, Gigabit internet through the power adapter and Touch ID on the Magic Keyboard. In addition, this model has the color yellow, orange and purple.

Colors in the accessories and even in the cables

Screen Shot 2021 04 20 At 3 15 35 Pm

One of the most visual novelties of these new iMac is the arrival of various colors to the family. In fact we could say, the return of colors. In any case, the attention to detail in the colors is complete, as these computers come with a braided charging cable in the same color as the iMac. The Magic Keyboard, as well as the Magic Mouse and even the USB-C to Lightning cable for charging, also goes a long way. with computer color.

MagSafe and ethernet connection

Screen Shot 2021 04 20 At 3 18 36 Pm

Continuing with accessories and cables, it is important that we note that the new iMac has MagSafe. A magnetic connector that sticks to our iMac to provide it with the energy it needs to function. Energy that passes through the classic transformer that now adds a new connector.

If we want to connect our iMac via ethernet it is no longer necessary to have another cable on the table, or behind it, simply we plug the cable into the charger so that the signal travels through the same charging cable to our iMac.

Magic Keyboard support for Touch ID

Apple New Imac Spring21 Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad Yellow 04202021 Big Carousel Jpg Large 2x

Along with the new iMac Apple has presented accessories. Accessories that not only match the color of the iMac, they also provide a key component: Touch ID. Here it is important to note that although the new Magic Keyboard is only sold with the new iMac M1s it is compatible with all Macs with M1, including Mac mini which was presented in October.

Headphone port and VESA mount compatibility


A curiosity of these new iMac is the repositioning of the headphone jack port from the rear to the side. A change that has its reasons for being. The iMac measures 11.5 millimeters thick, while a headphone jack measures 14, which makes it impossible for this connector to cross the iMac, since I would go through it completely.

Finally remember that all new iMac with M1 offer VESA mount compatibility. It is important that at the time of purchase we choose this option to be able to mount the iMac on the support that we want.

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Without a doubt, the renewal of the iMac goes far beyond aesthetics, although it is obvious that this is an important part of the novelties. Seven new colors accompany seven details that were not mentioned in the Keynote, but which are important to note.

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