Top Three Aeronautical Engineering Universities in the UK: How to Get Started

Aeronautical engineering universities in the UK offer all sorts of programs regarded as world’s best in aeronautical engineering because of their research-focused study modules, cutting-edge teaching methods, and advanced infrastructure. Additionally, the UK boasts the world’s second-strongest aerospace sector, and this offers you a fantastic chance to get priceless practical training while enrolled in your regular studies.

Is aeronautical engineering in demand in the UK?

UK Aeronautical engineering courses are quite in demand. With businesses like Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, and Airbus leading the way and commercializing incredibly cutting-edge technology in aviation structures and engines, aeronautical engineering universities in UK are relied upon when it comes to educating the future space technology engineering workforce. As a result, there is a high need for a variety of UK talents working in the UK and worldwide.

Since 2000, there have been 7% yearly increases in the number of UK students pursuing an aeronautical engineering degree. Most recently, this number got to over 9,800. Currently, the UK offers over 128,000 employment opportunities in the aerospace industry and another 153,000 jobs in aeronautical support and supply. Besides, UK employment market is expanding quickly. In only five years, the £31 billion UK aeronautical sector has grown by 39%, which has led to a sharp rise in the number of UK apprentices, who currently number 4,100. 

Which are top aeronautical engineering universities in the UK?

According to results, laboratory-based learning materials, research resources, practical sessions in an actual aeronautical setting, employability rate, and student happiness, Orbital Today identifies UK top aeronautical engineering top universities as follows: 

University of Leeds 

University of Leeds is one of the top aeronautical universities in the UK because they include multidisciplinary subjects like physics, maths, computer science, and materials science in their aeronautical curricula. Their study programs are designed to provide UK students with a thorough knowledge of fundamental ideas in aeronautical engineering, and they will ensure that your talents are marketable by putting you through realistic aeronautical industry simulations. This university’s Industrial Advisory Board regularly conducts industry surveys to ensure that courses reflect the most recent developments and produces employable graduates.

University of Cambridge 

One of the top aeronautical universities in the UK is the University of Cambridge. Its renowned Engineering Department provides a distinctive engineering program. You will learn the fundamentals of engineering practice throughout your first two years at university, and you may use this knowledge as your guide for choosing an area of speciality during your senior year. Aeronautical engineering is one of the options. Besides, you can obtain industrial experience throughout your study too. And this kind of experience is highly desired for jobs in aeronautical engineering. This university has excellent connections with industry, too. Its exchange programs may also allow you to travel abroad so that you accumulate more experience.

University of Glasgow 

You could also get your degree at the University of Glasgow, especially if you want to launch an exciting new career in the field. This institution is on the list of best aeronautical engineering universities in UK because here, you are sure to get educated about the latest scientific discoveries according to the skills that employers are looking for. This means you will be prepared for what the future of aerospace engineering brings ever since graduation, not to mention that you might be given a chance to work on this future as a student, too. If you decide aerospace engineering is not for you, you can always opt for aerospace systems courses.

Where is the best place to study aeronautical engineering?

You can decide where to study depending on if you adhere to the aeronautical engineering entry requirements for each institution mentioned. If you think that you have this matter covered, it’s time to also consider aeronautical engineering universities fees, which can go up a lot, depending on where you want to study. We believe that a curriculum offered by each institution should be a determinant factor when making your decision, but knowing tuition fees charged is important, so let’s have a look at them:

  • At the University of Leeds, which is considered the best place to study aerospace engineering, you could expect to pay between 20,000 to 30,000 GBP per annum for tuition
  • Tuition fees at the University of Cambridge are 35,517 GBP per annum for international students and 9,250 pounds per annum for home students
  • The University of Glasgow would ask you to take 25,750 GBP per annum out of the pocket

Sure, some fees may sound high, and courses are not always to master. However, UK students that succeed with their studies can count on prominent careers in a rapidly developing industry.

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