Elite Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know

Elite Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Elite is a book about the lives of the pupils at Las Encinas, the best private school in Spain. At the start of each new semester, when new students join the elite group at Las Encinas and others leave, murder, lies, as well as betrayal seem to hang over the halls. The Spanish teen drama’s sixth season will be available on Netflix on Nov 18, but fans are already thinking about what will happen in season 7.

In October 2022, Netflix announced that Elite will be back for a seventh season by showing a montage of its new stars going into a photo booth. This included Alejandro Albarracn, Nadia Al Saidi, Maribel Verd, Mirela Balic, Fernando Lindez, Iván Mendes, Gleb Abrosimov, and yes (!) Omar Ayuso. Below, we list everything we recognize regarding Elite season 7, including when it will come out, what it will be about, and more.

Some enthusiasts are still watching the brand-new occurrences of Elite that just came out, but the news of how an initial cast member will be back for the next summer is already getting a lot of attention.

Over the years, many actors have come and gone from the Spanish-language drama Elite. The last of the original cast to leave the show was seen at the season’s end 5 – until now. Netflix has affirmed that Omar Ayuso would then play the fan-favorite character Omar Shanaa again in season 7. He will pick up where he left off after a wild ride during his first time on the show.

Omar is a very interesting character, with his love triangles but also run-ins with the law. Fans of the show will be excited to find out what he’s up to now. The question is whether or not his return means that Elite has come full circle. Even though the show has already been on for longer than that most Netflix dramas, fans will still want more.

It’s time to welcome some new people to Las Encinas, as well as a familiar face because Élite seems to be back for yet another wild season! The show got back because of its sixth season, but also Netflix has already renewed it for a seventh season, which shows how much people love the drama. A lot has been found out already, so pay close attention to this story, ensure your uniform looks great, and be ready for anything.

Since the first episode of Elite came out in 2018, people can’t get enough of the teen drama. Folks can’t get sufficient of what happens at Las Encinas, from the shocking murders in every season to wild sex sequences that make Euphoria look tame. Not only that, but Elite has helped Carla Daz, Manu Rios, and André Lamoglia become known all over the world.

Before season 6, Netflix said that season 7 of Elite is already in the works. They also told us who will join the ensemble the next season. So, here’s everything you have to understand regarding Elite season 7, such as when it will come out, who will be in it, the trailer, spoilers, and what will happen after season 6.

Elite is a teen drama and thriller show on Netflix that was made by Carlos Montero but also Dario Madrona. It has a group of actors, and most of them have appeared in other Netflix shows made in Spain or Latin America or shown there.

The show’s first season began on Oct 5, 2018, and the second season started on Sept. 6, 2019. On March 13, 2020, the third season came out; on June 18, 2021, the fourth season came out. On April 8, 2022, the fifth season came out. The final episode is soon going to start.

Elite Season 7 Release Date

There were only seven months between the 2 new periods of Élite in 2022, thanks to how quickly the show is made. Since there isn’t a set date for season 7’s release yet, it’s harder to say, but if it continues to follow the same pattern, it could come out between the summer and spring of 2023.

Elite Season 7 Cast

Even though we don’t have a confirmed cast list for Elite season 7 that takes into account what happened in season 6, the following names are likely to be back:

Omar Ayuso as Omar Shanaa (confirmed), Nadia Al Saidi as Sonia (confirmed), Valentina Zenere as Isadora, André Lamoglia as Iván, Álvaro de Juana as Dídac, Carmen Arrufat as Sara, Ana Bokesa as Rocío, Alex Pastrana as Raúl, Ander Puig as Nico

In the seventh season, there will also be a lot of new characters. For now, we don’t know much about these roles, but we do understand that the following performers are attached: Mirela Balic, Gleb Abrosimov, Fernando Líndez, Alejandro Albarracín, Iván Mendes, Maribel Verdú

Elite Season 7 Trailer

Sad to say, there isn’t one yet. We probably won’t see any teasers for a few months, but keep an eye back here. We’ll let you know about any changes before the start of season 7.

Elite Season 7 Plot

In the last season, everything was messed up because Armando, who had attacked Ari, was killed by Guzman. Guzman then had some old friends help him dump the body before leaving town. Season 5 might pick up where this one left off and see what Guzman is doing now.

Aside from that, the show’s storylines tend to change from one season to the next. There could be another crime that needs to be solved at the heart of the main plot. The next season will almost certainly be a scandalous one.

After Samuel died, the city of Las Encinas is trying to put on a successful show for the start of the new education year by trying to bury its past problems. Racism, misogyny, domestic abuse, and fear of LGBT people are some of the tough topics that will be discussed in classrooms and hallways this year at a prestigious school.

Is if system administrators don’t do anything, the students will have to take the lead to fix these problems. Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) is not in the sixth season because he died from his wounds in the end. Omar does not appear in Season 6 with Rebeka (Claudia Salas) and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós) (Omar Ayuso).

The plot of Elite Season 6 starts with a rapid car crash that leaves Iván badly hurt. As he fights for his living as hard as he can, everyone at Las Encinas has become a suspect. This is because each student could have a different reason for wanting to kill him.

As of right now, Netflix has not yet put out a summary for season 7. But fans think that the new season will most likely start where season 6 left off.

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