Nintendo Switch Reaches Over 55 Million Consoles Sold

Nintendo Switch Reaches Over 55 Million Consoles Sold

What is a Nintendo switch?

It is a hybrid console video game developed by Nintendo that was launched in March 2017. Its software works through the internet and its outstanding features have won the hearts of millions of users using it. It is a portable gaming console. It’s joy-con controllers, handheld style play, analog stick for input and tactile feedbacks make it stand apart from the crowd. A console for a true game lover.

55 million consoles sold!

Since its launch in 2017, the Nintendo switch has crossed the sale of over 55 million consoles and out of which 21 million alone are from the last financial year. This figure is around 24% more than the sales in the previous year. The figures look surprising but are as true as a sun rising each morning without fail. Three main regions in the world that have been responsible for high sales of the switch are Japan with, 33%  rise in the sales, Europe with 19% and North America with a 20% rise. The sales in the current year are expected to be lesser due to the effect of the coronavirus epidemic globally. Though, the sources claim that the production of the consoles has returned back to normal. But this effect globally is also going to lower the sales of software so the company plans to change the software releases in the months to come. The company is not going to disappoint it’s current and future users by any mean so they have the plans ready for the rest of the year. The three fabulous years in terms of sale and popularity will not go in vain. There is a lot more still in store for the users. Let’s hope to experience some real gaming experience!

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