Tones and I: The Australian Singer Smashes Hits on Youtube With Her “Dance”

Tones and I: The Australian Singer Smashes Hits on Youtube With Her “Dance”
Behind the song that sweeps the world, “Dance Monkey” shines the character and style of “Tones and I”.

Tones and i
Tones and i

They may not recognize his name and less his appearance. But there are many of us who have heard Tones and I (Toni Watson) or at least her song “Dance Monkey”. The song was Launched on May 10.

It already has more than 65 million views on YouTube to become an unexpected hit. It is the Number one song in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and Denmark. Also sounding strong in other countries as well.

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Hearing his sticky chorus ( Ooh, I see you, see you, see you every time. And oh my, I, I like your style. You, you make me, make me, make me wanna cry ).

It’s easy to think that behind That voice is a fragile singer, probably of Asian origin. Some people even compare their tone with that of virtual singer Miku Hatsune.

But No, Toni Watson is neither fragile nor Asian. Although it has a voice that many fans consider portentous. It is not a machine either. This is a large Australian with long blond hair and only nineteen years old that you always saw in striking chandeliers single color blocks and cap and sneakers.

It appears in their concerts of orange, red, yellow, black or graffiti white roses causing sensation not only with their voice but with jumps and jumps on the floor. Well, It almost always leaves her breathless at the end of each piece.

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The most curious thing in her last video, you saw characterized as a nice and active grandfather. He has already received enough criticism that, of course, does not matter at all. Toni Watson is, in short, a character and is determined to make himself heard throughout the world.

Despite his youth, he has a lot to say. Many things to explain and reason about the experiences that have transformed his life. In fact, that is what he does in “Dance Monkey”. The song (produced by Konstantin Kersting) that devastates half the world in which he complains that people pay little attention to each other, Not even to themselves. He hates that everyone is more aware of his mobile phone than what happens out there.

Now Tones and I fill stadiums wherever they go. Not only in Australia, within a month the gang already has their first concert in England with what is already his third single. It’s never seen the rain.

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