“Keanu Reeves” Canadian Actor Enjoys Barcelona So Much!!

“Keanu Reeves” Canadian Actor Enjoys Barcelona So Much!!
The Images of the Week Include The Actor in ‘Matrix’, The marriage Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow with his mother and daughter, Dani Martín and Paula Vázquez, Elena Furiase and The Eccentricities of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin actor Keanu Reeves has visited Barcelona this week and has been seduced by local cuisine.

Keanu Reeves Canadian Actor
Keanu Reeves Canadian Actor

The 55-year-old Matrix protagonist had dinner at Mr. Porter’s restaurant. It is located at the Sir Victor hotel, on Rosselló street. He chose one of the star dishes of the establishment.

The steak of more than a kilo, and for dessert, the chocolate pump and coconut ice cream. Before his stay in Barcelona, ​​the actor was in L’Ametlla de Mar. There he went to the Calafat circuit to accompany the young driver Damian Jigalov, whom he sponsors through the ARCH Motorcycles company.

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This week the Obama marriage has celebrated 27 years of marriage. The former president of the United States has shared a beautiful image of the couple. On their backs, he was watching a spectacular sunset in what looks like the African savanna. Next to the photo, some romantic words: “As the Beatles said: everything will get better with time. Thank you, honey, for these wonderful 27 years”. Barack Obama, 58, has written to his wife Michelle, now 55.

Another beautiful sunset is also the one shared by Elena Furiase. This week she has been eliminated from the Masterchef Celebrity contest. So The daughter of Lolita Flores has published a snapshot in which she appears with her son Noah next to the motorhome in which they have made a family trip.

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Therefore To celebrate Gwyneth Paltrow’s 47th birthday, journalist Derek Blasberg has shared a family print that unites three generations. It includes The actress with her mother, Blythe Danner, and her 15-year-old daughter Apple.

“Today is the birthday of the middle one, but let’s celebrate the entire Danner-Paltrow-Martin bloodline. Here are three kind, talented, sweet, agile, wonderful women. So I wish you the best absolute year @gwynethpaltrow, ”Derek wrote.

The singer Dani Martín and the presenter Paula Vázquez have spoken publicly. These days, of rosacea, a skin disease that both suffer and that is helping to make their cases visible.

“Rosacea is what I have, yes, no, I’m not sick, my head a little, my skin is also like that. This is a gentleman! The liver? Good very good! The kidneys? Great lady And yours? Well, we’re all good! Come on a happy day !! Go ahead that sweats me have this and that is not important, they are just grains and they come and go! Also go ahead my irony with a sense of humor in the speech, long live the rosacea! you can call me Dani pig ”, wrote the one who was the vocalist of El canto del Loco.

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