LMAO Watching The video of Taylor Swift Under The Effects of Anesthesia!! Have A Look At It

LMAO Watching The video of Taylor Swift Under The Effects of Anesthesia!! Have A Look At It
The singer’s mother leaked it and Jimmy Fallon aired it on the television.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift continues his promotional tour through the media after presenting her latest album, “Lover”. The last of the interviews he has done has been on the program of Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy is one of the most-watched television actors in the United States.

What the singer did not imagine was that they were going to broadcast a funny video where she is seen acting under the effects of anesthesia. And it’s a Sure Laugh!


We imagine that Taylor Swift had some shame when the host of The Tonight Show told him that he had a material to show viewers. Seeing Taylor Swift with welder-style glasses and under the effects of anesthesia was somewhat shocking.

Taylor had undergone eye surgery so he had to rest at home wearing protective goggles to avoid damage to the intervened area. But of course, anesthesia was still in the body of the artist, so that her behavior was illogical and funny.


Taylor Swift’s mother recorded it in these circumstances where we can see her on the verge of crying after choosing the wrong banana to eat. In fact, the artist feels so bad that she ends up crying.

The next scene shows Taylor Swift lying in bed, lying down and eating the banana for which she has previously cried. Her mother speaks to her and tells him “Don’t fall asleep eating a banana”. To which Taylor replies: “I’m not asleep. My mind is alive. “

Of course, the video is hilarious, although what is also priceless is the face of Taylor Swift after the live broadcast of the recording. Do not miss it!

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