The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 63 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 63 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In the next chapter of “The Tyrant Would Like to Live Honestly,” readers can anticipate some fascinating plot twists. The main character, Dorothy, finds herself in a circumstance she wasn’t prepared for.

Dorothy is uncomfortable because it was shown in the most recent issue that Ethan nor her father, Carson, are taking care of her.

She is wary of any easy and happy changes in her present circumstances because in her former existence, she was deceived and slain by loved ones.

Ethan has admitted to having feelings towards Dorothy, and he’s curious about her feelings as well. Dorothy is still wary, though, and wonders why someone likes him would be drawn to her.

Her father, Carson, surprises her by giving her a new wine that is registered in her name, keeping a promise he had made a long time ago. After this unanticipated turn of events, Dorothy questions why all is going so well.

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Milenea harnesses the power of sunlight in the Ubera empire to warm the sun. Fred calls the night with the power of darkness.

Fred is going to hide when Milenea gets there. Fred will produce shade so that people can escape the heat when Milenea brightens up the globe with warm sunshine.

The Ubera Empire’s citizens claimed the planet as their own. Both the members of the duke family Fred and the royal family Milenea lead lovely, honorable lives. They have soul control.

In this vast kingdom, they are distinct. The main character of this tale is Dorothea Milenea, Princess of the ruling Ubera Empire.

Reymond Milenea, the doltish brother of Dorothea Milenea and the Crown Prince for the Opera Empire, is the unpleasant youngster who has been standing next to her.

It was in her hands that the Crown Prince perished. Yes, that is accurate! Dorothea Milenea is living her second life.

For the dictator that she was, it was also her last chance. She wants to avoid expressing the same “regret” twice. To live a decent life is her mission in this life.

The first thing Dorothea Milenea learned in life was to reward virtue and punish evil. She was evil once.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 63 Release Date

Every Tuesday is the release day for a new chapter of The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly, which is published weekly like other conventional Korean manhwas.

According to that plan, Thursday, December 19, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. Korean Standard Time (KST) and 4:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time (IST), is when the most recent chapter, The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly, Chapter 63, would be released.

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 63 Trailer

The Tyrant Wants to Live Honestly Chapter 63 Plot

Dorothy was uneasy to learn in the most current edition that she is being cared for by her father, Carson, with his spouse, Ethan.

She is wary of any small, pleasant improvements during her current circumstances because in her past life, her loved ones had betrayed and killed her.

Ethan has acknowledged his affections for Dorothy and that he is curious about hers. Dorothy, meanwhile, remains dubious and doesn’t see why he could feel drawn to her.

Her father Carson surprises her by a bottle of just registered wine, fulfilling a long-standing commitment. After this unexpected turn of events, Dorothy questions why everything continues to run so smoothly.

Because Milenea is able to use the light power found in the Ubera kingdom, the sun gets warmer. Fred used to summon to the night the strength of darkness.

Fred will hide till Milenea gets there. Fred will create shade to keep people cool when Milenea fills the planet with warm sunshine.

The people who lived in the Ubera Empire claimed the planet as their own. Magnificent, noble lives are led by the Grand Duke dynasty and the Millennia royal family. They have the power to affect spirits.

In this vast domain, they are distinctive. The main character of this tale is Ubera Empire princess Dorothea Milenea.
Reymond Milenea, the naive son of Dorothea Milenea and Crown Prince of the Royal Opera Empire, is the unsavoury teenager standing by her side.

That was when Reymond Milenea saw the lone hope for redemption. It was the Light Spirit’s monarch, Lux.

Reymond Milenea is given the chance to enter the blood contract and replace the King with a Light Spirit as the new partner, as all of the Milaners have now died. It was an inherited bond.

Then, Reymond Milenea finds out that Dorothea Milenea’s unfortunate past has already stained her blood.

She was the first to lose the ability to call spirits to life. Reymond Milenea thought it was unjust that she had to endure this throughout her life.

He is informed by the King about the Light Spirit that he only requires one companion and that he has no interest in following laws created by people.

The Light Spirit’s stone was now in the possession of Reymond Milenea, and Lux needed that more than anything.

A mutual agreement is called a contract. This is the Spirit of Light’s power. Only once may the first partner use all of Lux’s power. Dorothea Milenea had taken Lux’s power to produce sunlight ages ago.

This time, Reymond Milenea seizes the opportunity and queries whether he may utilize the contract to bring Dorothea Milenea back. Lux tells him that as all souls are meant to die, he cannot do so.

No matter how much vitality and life force Lux possesses, reviving Dorothea Milenea would be in opposition to the Dark Soul King’s abilities, who is in charge of death.

Resurrecting the dead also defies the passage of time. Lux would have to go back in time if he succeeded in reviving her.

Dorothy promised in the last chapter to perform a deed of charity, and she’s prepared to demonstrate her commitment in the next chapter, Chapter 56.

Her scheme is not to share her wine with the customary noble group, but rather to use it for something genuinely altruistic.

Rather of keeping her wine for herself, Dorothy plans to share it with community members who may be in need of money or who don’t often get to enjoy such pleasures.

Her father Carson is unlikely to get in the way of Dorothy’s ambitions because he doesn’t appear to care too much about how she uses the wine.

It’s also feasible that Ethan will accompany Dorothy on her selfless endeavor, which would add a new dimension to their bond.

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