Love of Kill Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The mystery romance anime “Koroshi Ai” (Love of Kill) is based on Fe’s eponymous Japanese manga series. The protagonist, Chateau Dankworth, is a rookie bounty hunter who has a bad reputation for taking on difficult cases. Nevertheless, for some reason, this enigmatic guy always assists her in her assignments.

Despite her mission to eliminate Song Ryang-ha, a lethal murderer, Chateau discovers that he is also her longtime confidant and hidden lover. Complications arise when Song persists in sharing crucial information regarding her upcoming killings, even though their peculiar relationship undergoes significant changes due to her new assignment.

Love of Kill Season 2

Criticism of the anime has focused on its original idea and surprising plot twists. Many people have expressed their satisfaction with the program by giving it good reviews on various internet sites. Fans would naturally want to know when their beloved characters will return with additional episodes once the first series ends. We would be happy to serve as your guide if you are interested in learning more about this.

Love of Kill Season 2 Renewal Status

Manga artist Fe created the unique suspense thriller Koroshi Ai. In 2015, the manuscript was first made public. As of April 2022, twelve volumes of the text have been published so far.

The outstanding performance of the major actors is largely responsible for the series’ meteoric rise to fame. Studio Platinum Vision has not renewed Love of Kill for a second season as of the renewal of the second anime season.

The animation crew and personnel have also been mum on the subject of the show’s comeback. As a result, we don’t know whether the program will return.

On the other hand, a return to the anime is possible. A new animation studio called Platinum Vision has just opened for business. This means that the first few years will not be jam-packed with events. Therefore, the choice to renew for a second season may not be too tough for the corporation.

Love of Kill Season 2 Release Date

Koroshi Ai, also known as Love of Kill, was first released in January 2022. One of the earliest anime releases of the year was Love of Kill or Koroshi Ai. The anime reached new heights in 2022 after receiving very positive feedback from viewers. But at this time, the anime isn’t surrounded by any dullness. Completed in the first part of 2023, the anime’s manga was an ongoing project.

We regret to tell you that no decision has been made about the renewal or cancellation of the anime, therefore we can only speculate as to its future. We have not yet received any information on the second season of the anime. Nonetheless, we anticipate receiving updates shortly. Now that the anime’s manga has concluded, there is enough content for a second season.

Love of Kill Story

Chateau Dankworth encounters Song Ryang-ha, a professional hitman, while on a bounty hunt. Ryang-ha starts pursuing Dankworth and offers her a date in return for information. Although he is hesitant, Chateau eventually gives in, but she still won’t talk to him. Regardless, Ryang-ha seems to be familiar with her history and keeps rescuing her whenever she is threatened.

Chateau and Ryang-ha are compelled to face their shared history when they are both pursued by Donald Bachmann. Chateau, who is the heiress to the Nobel family—a lineage of French nobility—is the target of Nelson Nobel, her father’s stepbrother.

The genuine Song Ryang-ha, who was supposed to accompany her to safety, is fatally shot by her by mistake. In the meantime, the current Ryang-ha, who was a nameless youngster rescued by the real Ryang-ha, takes his name when the real Ryang-ha dies.

Love of Kill Cast

  • Chateau Dankworth Voiced by: Saori Ōnishi (Japanese); Erin Yvette (English)
  • Song Ryang-ha Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (Japanese); Ryan Colt Levy (English)
  • Euripedes Ritzland Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi (Japanese); Mick Lauer (English)
  • Indian Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara Kōhei Amasaki (Japanese); A.J. Beckles (English)
  • Hou Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese); Alejandro Saab (English)
  • Donny Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka
  • Jinon Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (Japanese); Erica Mendez (English)
  • Nikka Voiced by: Masakazu Morita (Japanese); Nicolas Roye (English)
  • Mifa Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa
  • Song Ryang-ha Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda (Japanese); Chris Hackney (English)

Love of Kill Season 2 Plot

Chateau continues to battle her inability to reject Ryan-Ha and her innate dissatisfaction with being in his company in the season one finale. But upon waking from her deep slumber, the memory of having murdered a guy whose name was identical to Ryan-Ha flashes before her eyes.

So, she goes right to the point and questions him about his ambitions and the true purpose behind his name choice. Ryan-Ha reassures her and says they can talk about it later. Despite Chateau’s promise to employ him, Ryan-Ha rejects her offer and all the financial advantages she may give.

Season 2 will provide the long-awaited revelations of Ryang-Ha and Chateau’s upbringing. The second group may want to strengthen their bond, but they’ll have to overcome obstacles along the way.

At the same time, viewers will find out how Donny was related to Chateau’s grandpa and dad. Rescue efforts by Ryang-Ha and his allies in their quest to free Chateau from captivity are met with resistance from the villains.

Love of Kill Season 2: Is there enough source material?

The anime adaptation of Fe’s manga Love of Kill follows in the same vein. The initial publication of the suspense mystery occurred in October 2015. There have been twelve volumes of the manga serialized thus far. The narrative is far from over, which is wonderful news. That being the case, future volumes will be larger.

Unfortunately, the twelve episodes that made up the first season could only cover the manga’s first forty-one chapters. There is still almost half of the plot that needs to be changed. From chapters 42 to 80, Love of Kill Season will delve into the manga.

Love of Kill Season 1 Rating

According to IMDB and MyAnimelist, “Love of Kill” is a great anime series. Thanks to its innovative plot and compelling characters, this anime has received rave reviews, earning 6.90 on MyAnimeList and 6.7 on IMDB.

Love of Kill Season 2 Trailer

I was hoping you would get a sneak peek at Love of Kill Season 2. Regrettably, with a no. No Love of Kill Season 2 trailer has been released as of yet since the show’s producers have not renewed it. However, we will keep you informed when new information becomes available!

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