the official synopses of the new episodes arrive

Waiting for the bonus episodes of The Walking Dead we can satisfy the zombie hunger thanks to the two spin-offs currently in progress, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond.

  • Fear The Walking Dead 6×03

The new episode, entitled Alaska, will take us into a scenario inspired by Die Hard: “Al and Dwight will act undercover on a recon mission of Ginny, chasing a lead they thought they had lost. Al has to choose between what he has now and what he is looking for. ” It is very likely that the two will run into problems along the way. Problems with the slow pace and a passion for the innards of the survivors.

  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×04

The Wrong End of a Telescope will see the group of protagonists at the search for a safe haven after a storm arrives. They will find him “inside an abandoned high school. As they stockpile, they wonder what school life must have been like in the past and encounter some new threats, both live and dead“.

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We remind you that Fear is currently underway in the US and will arrive in Italy in 2021, while World Beyond is already available on Amazon Prime Video. At this point we must find out how this latest spin-off will relate to the disappearance of Rick Grimes and future films linked to the character played by Andrew Lincoln.


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