New iPhone 11 Leaks, Price, Release Date & News

New iPhone 11 Leaks, Price, Release Date & News

iPhone is a dream device for all the people. Now iPhone 11 is going to release with new features and an excellent facility. Now iPhone 11 is going to be launch soon on September 10. This is going to be the first iPhone for running iOS 13 out of the box.

Iphone 11
iPhone 11

As Apple Company has always given something to wonder, iPhone 11 will have lots of wonders to think about. It will have a triple camera (this is going to be the first time) with pop up.

iPhone Design and display

There is no company like Apple, who is so good with its designs. So this time this company is bringing a massive camera bump on its back. The color of this phone is going to be dedicated one a dark green color scheme- which is of course not following traditional colors for the mobile.

iPhone 11 Camera

As iPhone has always been unique with its choice, so for the first time, it is bringing three rear camera sensors. This makes us think how the third camera is going to help us in capturing the best shots. So these sensors are going to help in repairing the shots after capturing the subjects. So with these features, one can use iPhone camera for better pictu7re quality.

Performance and software of iPhone 11  

iPhone 11 is going to be more smooth than the previous time. The other beautiful thing about iPhone 11 is that it has 4GB of RAM which would offer lots of memory to your phone. Dark mode of the phone provides a black and grey theme to the interface. On the other hand, the iPhone has superb game features to offer, which is making it a gaming phone.

iPhone 11 Price:

The screen size of the iPhone 11 is 6.67 inches diagonally. The storage of the phone is expected would start from 64Gb with additional options for 256GB and 512Gb. On the other hand, we can charge it wirelessly. Everything about the iPhone is going to be lovely. The starting price of the phone would be $749.

But as there are fantastic functions, so it is worth spending every penny on it. Only a few days are left for its launching, and then one can easily buy it. The design of the phone and its color all are just so excited about the phone — those who might be looking for the exact features they must not need to wait longer.

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