the guide with everything you need to know about the 93rd gala of the most important awards in Hollywood

A new edition of the Oscar Awards is approaching and all film lovers are invited to attend a ceremony that aims to reward the best of the year. During the night of Sunday, April 25, the most important awards in Hollywood will be presented and here in Espinof we will be one more year following him live.

You may be wondering what the 93rd Oscars is about by now and which films are really worth it among all the nominees. I will answer that below.

When and where to see the 2021 Oscars gala

The 93rd edition of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards is held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles starting at 5 p.m., 2 a.m. in Spain, and a duration of approximately three hours is expected. Imagine the time and money saved if all this were resolved with a press release and a simple delivery of the statuettes to the lucky ones.

Oscar 2021: all the nominated films that you can see on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney +, Apple TV + and Movistar +

Of course, first we will have coverage of the red carpet with experts and celebrities commenting on the looks of the guests at the ceremony. Movistar + dedicates a special program to the Oscars and broadcasts the entire show live from 11:30 p.m. on its channel # 0. We at Espinof will be commenting on the winners both and Twitter as on the web.

The most nominated films, the favorites and the essentials

‘Mank’, the latest from David Fincher, it is the film with the most Oscar nominations: until ten statuettes could achieve this drama set in the Hollywood of the 50s. However, it is very possible that ‘Mank’ will become the big loser of the night since it does not start as a favorite in any of the main categories.

Despite this, it is a pleasure to see a film narrated with the skill of Fincher, Gary Oldman looks great and offers a most enjoyable look at the controversial creation of a classic like ‘Citizen Kane’, long considered the best film ever made in Hollywood. It may get heavy but, simply put, if you love the seventh art you have to see it.

After ‘Mank’ there is six films with six nominations: ‘Nomadland’, ‘The Chicago 7 Trial’, ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’, ‘Minari’, ‘Sound of Metal’ and ‘The Father’. These seven titles aspire to be crowned the best film of the year along with another production, ‘A promising young woman’, a candidate for five statuettes.

We already commented on it in Espinof’s truncheon: everything indicates that ‘Nomadland’ will be the winner of the Oscar for best film and Chloe Zhao, its director, screenwriter and editor, the great winner of the night. She is sweeping the awards season and the Academy will be able to hang the medal of recognizing the talent of a filmmaker, something that, although it sounds incredible, she has only done once in all her history: when Kathryn Bigelow won with ‘In Hostile Land’ to the mammoth ‘Avatar’ of his ex James Cameron.

Oscar 2021: the edition of the pandemic will be the most diverse in the history of the awards

‘Nomadland’ did not captivate me as much as ‘The Rider’, Zhao’s previous work, but I recommend seeing it because it shows a different way to travel this strange path full of surprises, bitterness and joy that is life. As I said in our newsletter (Espinof File), Frances McDormand offers another interpretive recital leading a cast of very unique characters that leave their mark.

If I could vote, my favorites are ‘The Chicago 7 Trial’ and ‘A Promising Girl’. The first for its spectacular cast (suddenly Michael Keaton comes out for a couple of minutes and eats the screen, that’s the level), the brilliant dialogue by Aaron Sorkin and the emotion of its key moments; the second is the funniest of the nominees, a wild black comedy with a lot of style and una Carey Mulligan memorable.

Mulligan should win the Oscar after his second nomination (previously he was a finalist for ‘An Education’) in one of the most unpredictable categories of the night. His main rival is McDormand but he already has two statuettes, for ‘Fargo’ and ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, and I would be surprised if thanks to this film he reached three Oscars, a figure that have only been reached by Ingrid Bergman, Meryl Streep and Katharine Hepburn (the most awarded interpreter in history, with FOUR).

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