The electric car of Huawei and BAIC is coming down, and this is its first image

The vaunted collaboration between the Chinese technology company Huawei and the automotive giant BAIC to launch an electric car has already paid off: the firm has confirmed the presentation of a zero emission model smart premium cutting that will take place the next April 17th.

Called Arcfox αS HBT It has already been seen frontally in an image that accompanies the announcement of its presentation and will have technology from autonomous driving level 3 developed by Huawei. Its market launch is scheduled for next year.

The brand specializing in technology thus anticipates Apple, whose possible electric car has been kicking around for a long time but with nothing yet tangible, and Xiaomi, which has already confirmed that it will manufacture electric cars for which it will invest 10 billion dollars in the next 10 years and with possibly Great Wall as an ally.

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Connectivity and autonomous driving ‘made in Huawei’

Without data on the car itself in terms of specifications, which we will know next week, this Arcfox αS HBT will be equipped with autonomous driving technology developed by Huawei consisting of LIDAR radars, twelve cameras, thirteen ultrasonic radars and a signature chip that operates with up to 352 teras per second.

This system, according to Huawei, will allow this zero emissions to enjoy a Level 3 in the SAE classification of autonomous driving. The brand had already made clear its intention to become a supplier of components oriented to the electric car and connected, which is embodied in this Arcfox αS HBT.

That is to say, it is not that it has fully immersed itself in making cars, but as a technology provider. The technology company has been doing research in this field since 2013 in order to diversify to other fronts.

In addition, this company already has experience in this field as it has developed 5G software, sensors and hardware systems for electric vehicles, and has signed partnerships with giants such as Daimler, SAIC or General Motors.

Beyond this system, it is understood that this car will enjoy 5G connectivity as well as smartphone integration technology. The HarmonyOS operating system developed by Huawei comes into play here, which aims to be an alternative to Android, which includes the Android Auto system, although it is not yet very advanced.

Arcfox αS

Arcfox αS

For his part Arcfox is a subsidiary of Beijing Electric Vehicle (BJEV), which in turn is a division of a division of BAIC, being specialized in electric cars. In fact last year it already announced the launch for this 2021 of the Arcfox αS, a model that promised up to 708 km of autonomy (NEDC).

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The name is identical except for the initials HBT and the front shares a design, as well as reminiscent of Tesla models, which, it is understood, intends to look from you to you.

Be that as it may, it only remains to wait to know more details about this ARCFOX αS HBT, which is another step for Huawei in the career of technology in car manufacturing.

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