When Will Season 3 Of Madam Secretary Be On Netflix

When Will Season 3 Of Madam Secretary Be On Netflix

It has been confirmed that all Season 3 will be released to Netflix on Friday, October 8th.

Madam secretary season 3 air date:

It has now been announced that the third series will premier in America (CBS) on Sunday, September 21st. A UK release date is expected soon after – which is likely to be Monday, September 22nd. However, it could be later if ITV decides to show the show concurrently.

The series returns with Secretary Elizabeth McCord seeking an answer to a mystery she stumbled upon while serving as CIA Director – the whereabouts of her predecessor, Conrad Dalton. He went missing months earlier in Syria while being held hostage by Islamic militants. Once back at work as Secretary of State for President Conrad Dalton, she discovers that her job is threatened by potential conflicts of interest arising from her prior employment at the CIA.

As the middle east erupts into conflict, Elizabeth calls on veteran troubleshooter Blake Sterling to negotiate with a new breed of terrorist led by an elusive figure known only as “The Ghost.”

Meanwhile, back at home, Henry and Stevie seek to adopt a child when they find out that Jason has begun dating in his spare time. The series also stars Patina Miller, Geoffrey Arend, Erich Bergen, Katherine Herzer, Wallis Currie-Wood , Evan Roe and Katja Herbers.

Madam secretary season 7:

The final episode of the sixth season was full of exciting twists and turns. Still, perhaps none were more bizarre than the B-plot, which showed Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) reading a thriller manuscript containing essential details about real-life scandals in Washington. The book’s author, Karen Grant, was Secretary McCord’s assistant.

While it initially seemed like Grant was writing political fanfiction—perhaps an oblique reference to Joe Biden coming “wildly close” to running against Hillary Clinton in 2016—the finale set up what could become actual plot points for season seven. If this show wanted to go all-in on being meta, here are some real-life stories they should adapt next year.

The China-Russia Alliance:

Madam Secretary Karen Grant has written about current events. It looks like she was hired because of her extensive knowledge of the U.S. government (and maybe even some dirt on the president). So perhaps we can expect similar authenticity from Grant’s fiction; after all, we know McCord asked her to include the Russia investigation in the manuscript.

But if Grant is already finding inspiration in real life for this season, why not go full meta and give us a storyline ripped straight from headlines? Given that there were several references to “fake news” throughout season six—and an entire episode based around Russian hacking—it seems plausible that Madam Secretary could tackle John Bolton’s controversial work with Cambridge Analytica under his watch at the National Security Council.

Madam secretary season 4:

The firm is now infamous after its involvement in the 2016 United States elections and its relationship with the Brexit campaign. Bolton’s ties to Cambridge Analytica were detailed by The Guardian, who reported that he was on the company’s board of directors from 2014 until 2017. Bolton didn’t deny this when asked about it during his confirmation hearings.

Madam secretary season 3:

It’s no surprise that Karen Grant, the author of Madam Secretary’s fictional manuscript, specializes in foreign affairs. Maybe she should try her hand at a wholly fictional book about another country: Russia. The series has been tackling Russian-U.S. relations since the end of season one—and we already know that McCord will be dealing with them again next season—but there are still some interesting stories that haven’t yet made their way into the show: like Trump adviser Maria Butina and Russia’s ties to Facebook and Twitter.

Madam secretary season 5:

Madam Secretary is jumping on the John Bolton train this season; he’ll make his debut as National Security Advisor early in episode 12 (which airs on February 27th). It looks like he’s pretty busy. As is true in real life, it seems that the former ambassador to the United Nations is keen on starting a war with North Korea—something McCord has always been adamantly against.

During season five, she even traveled to Pyongyang to negotiate with Kim Jong-un. Of course, Trump met with Kim for their high-stakes sit-down back in June 2018—but Bolton was still working for Fox News at the time of this meeting. Our fictional McCord could have returned from her Pyongyang trip just as Trump and Kim were ceremoniously shaking hands, which would have made for an interesting parallel.

Madam secretary season 2:

McCord’s presidential run came up early into Madam Secretary’s third season. Still, it never seemed like her White House aspirations would get in the way of her work at the State Department. However, an article published by The Atlantic revealed that Hillary Clinton had similar concerns while serving as Secretary of State during Obama’s first term.

Madam secretary season 6:

The last real-life story we’d love to see Madam Secretary tackle is former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ investigation into Julian Assange. Back in April 2018, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that arresting Assange was a priority for his team—and it seems like McCord might have taken issue with this statement when she returned from Moscow in season six because she made sure to emphasize Assange’s First Amendment rights in his conversation Bolton before kicking him out of the country.

Madam secretary season 6:-McCord’s tension with Russia isn’t limited to conflicts in the media—it seems like she and Putin are at odds when it comes to international relations, too. Russia has been pushing for Western powers to lift sanctions against Assad’s regime in Syria, but McCord has never made her opinions on the matter a secret.

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