The Bequeathed: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Korean dramas have become an integral element of Netflix’s collection, providing viewers with a diverse range of genres, thanks to their rising star power in Hollywood.

Fans looking for riveting narratives in Korean dramas still turn to Netflix because of the skyrocketing demand for these shows. “The Bequeathed” is the third Netflix original series by acclaimed filmmaker Yeon Sang Ho, who is recognized for his work on “Train to Busan.” The show is a zombie horror K-drama.

The show has changed its name from “Family Gravesite” to “The Bequeathed.” Viewers may brace themselves for an exhilarating and memorable experience in this eagerly awaited Korean drama, thanks to Yeon Sang Ho’s trademark narrative and powerful horror aspects. All the information we have on the new series is presented here.

The Bequeathed Release Date

South Korean actress Kim Hyun-joo stars in the next Korean horror movie, The Bequeathed, and Netflix has officially revealed the release date. According to Yeon Sang-do, the horror K-drama will be published on the platform on Friday, January 19, 2024, which is almost a year after it was first announced.

The Bequeathed Cast

Kim Hyun Joo is one of the actors in the starring role. It is possible that Park Hee Soon will also be playing lead with her.

Park Hee-soon is a famous South Korean actor who has been in many films, including My Name, The Fortress, A Model Family, and The Witch: Part I. The Subversion has joined the cast as Choi Seong-jun, a perceptive police detective who connects the town’s inexplicable events to the burial site.

According to recent reports, only two actors have been hired for roles in The Bequeathed. In this Korean zombie drama, Kim Hyun Joo will reunite with Yeon Sang Ho. In Hellbound, Hyun Joo co-starred.

Park Hee Soon is the second actor whose participation in The Bequeathed has been confirmed. Their exact functions are still a mystery. Played by Park Byung-eun is Sang-min, Seong-joon’s junior colleague and the team commander. While looking into the murders, the two will encounter many secrets and horrific truths.

The Bequeathed Plot

Yoon Seo-ha is the protagonist of the story, who has a string of unfortunate events unfold around her when she receives a family graveyard as an inheritance from her uncle. As her family’s past begins to fall apart, her already chaotic days are further complicated by the arrival of her unexpected stepbrother, Kim Young-ho.

Additionally, investigator Choi Sung-joon is looking into recent occurrences and believes they are related to the family burial of Yoon Seo-ha. The two are thrust into an investigation that would alter the lives of everyone involved, all while having a hostile relationship with their boss, Park Sang-min, because of a previous case.

What shocking discoveries will the protagonists make as they explore this family cemetery, and what exciting adventures will they have to keep us captivated?

The Bequeathed: is it a part of Train to Busan?

The obvious question that naturally arises is whether or not this project is connected to Seon Ho’s Train to Busan, given how similar the two projects are.

There has been no official announcement on The Bequeathed’s involvement with the franchise as of yet. There may be a significant increase in viewers if Netflix markets this series as a precursor or sequel.

Where to watch The Bequeathed?

Exclusive to Netflix, The Bequeathed will launch on January 19.

The Bequeathed Trailer

“The Bequeathed” is the newest Korean drama to hit Netflix, and here’s your first look. Scenes of the police finding an unidentified body accompany a voiceover interrogating Seo-ha about the cemetery she inherited in the teaser.

Young-Ho pursues Seo-Ha in the announcement trailer to claim his portion of the burial plot. Mysterious beasts, ghostly rites, and grisly murders hint at the horror that lies ahead as the investigators go on with their connections. There will be gore, suspense, and brutality in this film, according to the trailer. Anyone interested in seeing what happens next will have to be patient.

Viewers are already becoming scared after seeing the most recent trailer, which shows chaos, terror, and many terrible scenes.

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