Hong Rang K-Drama: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

As you read this, Netflix is hard at work on a fresh new Korean drama series called “Hong Rang,” which is slated to be a historical thriller. Take a look at this! The next South Korean historical thriller series Hong Rang (working title) is all set to premiere on Netflix, being an original production.

Kim Jin-A penned the script, and Kim Hong Seon helmed the camera. Seon has helmed three major Netflix productions, including Money Heist: Joint Economic Area (in two parts), LUCA: The Beginning, and The Guest. Jang Da-Hye’s book “Hong-Rang: Swallowing Gold” served as the inspiration for this intriguing Korean drama.

Hong Rang Release Date

Anyone who follows Korean dramas regularly knows that the announcement of a new series premiere date is always a source of great anticipation. When will the exciting world of Hong Kong kdrama be available to us? We are very thrilled that you should mark your calendars for sometime in early 2024 since that is when the series will be released! We will soon be enthralled by the fascinating plot, and the wait is almost over.

Hong Rang Cast

Jo Bo Ah portrays Jae Yi in the drama. Starring Jo Bo Ah, who was in the globally licensed rom-com K-drama series Destined With You, this will be Netflix’s first original Korean drama. Among her many K-dramas credits are Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Goodbye to Goodbye, Temperature of Love, My Strange Hero, and My Strange Hero.

As Hong Rang, Lee Jae Wook is the actor to watch. In 2022, the actor’s portrayal of Jang UK in the Korean drama series Alchemy of Souls caused quite a stir. Extraordinary You and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol are two more Korean dramas in which he has appeared.

Mu Jin is portrayed by Jung Ga Ram. Ranked highest for his portrayal of Lee Hye Young in the Korean drama Love Alarm, which aired on Netflix. The Interest of Love, a Korean drama, featured him as Jung Jong Hyun.

The character of Min Yeon Ui is portrayed by Uhm Ji Won. After appearing in Little Women as Won Sang A, the actress will be making her directorial debut in a Korean drama on Netflix.

In the part of Shim Yeol Guk, Park Byung Eun is shown. In addition to his performances in K-dramas like Alchemy of Souls, Kingdom, and Arthdal Chronicles, the actor has had a limited number of parts for Netflix.

In this film, Kim Jae Wook portrays Prince Han Pyeong. This Korean drama, apart from the licensed series The Guest, will be the actor’s first appearance in a Netflix original.

Hong Rang Plot

Jand Da Hae’s novel Tangeum served as inspiration for the film Hong Rang. This drama is set in the late Joseon period. A rich merchant family’s kid goes missing for several years, but he unexpectedly returns to their life one day. The stepbrothers Jae Yi (Jo Bo Ah) and Hong Rang (Lee Jae Wook) go missing when Hong Rang is eight years old.

Jae Yi is determined to uncover the truth when he suddenly emerges. Before he vanished, the family treated the brother like a prince, but the sister was abused and had no one to turn to for comfort except her brother.

Despite all that happens to her, Jae Yi blossoms into a smart and beautiful young lady. When Hong Kong gets back to his sister, he completely forgets about their previous lives together. Because of this, Jae Yi is determined to uncover the mystery’s reality.

Hong Rang Trailer

As of this writing, the Hong-Ring K-drama trailer still hasn’t been published. Rest assured, we will provide you with full details once the trailer is out.

Hong Rang Episodes

Netflix is obligated to provide the official number of episodes. Nevertheless, twelve episodes are what MyDramaList has confirmed.

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