Marry My Husband K-Drama: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

The next romantic fantasy series “Marry My Husband” will charm viewers with its mesmerizing story, so be ready to enter its magical realm. This captivating story is produced by CJ ENM and Studio Dragon, and it is directed by the renowned Park Won Gook, who is well-known for his work on “Special Inspector Jo.”

Shin Yoo Dam, known for his work on “Awaken,” expertly penned the script that brings this enthralling plot to life, based on the corresponding online book. Enthralling viewers on an extraordinary journey packed with mystery, passion, and the unexpected, the series is set against a background of love, fate, and unexpected turns.

Marry My Husband Release Date

Excellent news! The release date for the Marry My Husband K-drama series has been revealed by tvN. The first episode will reportedly air on January 1, 2024, as stated in the announcement. After that, you may expect a few more episodes dropped on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Marry My Husband Plot

Jiwon Kang, the protagonist of “Marry My Husband,” learns that she has a deadly disease. In light of this new information, she sets out on a quest to ensure that her devoted husband Jihyeok YU has a companion when she passes away.

Watching Jiwon Kang face the obstacles of her deteriorating health and her search for the ideal marriage is the central theme of the series. She learns important lessons about life and lets go as she makes surprising connections, delves into the nuances of love, and travels across unexpected landscapes.

Marry My Husband Cast

  • Park Min-young as Kang Ji-won

Just a regular gal who becomes sick at an early age from dealing with her inept spouse, uncaring in-laws, and a life of hard labor. The actress’s only K-drama appearance to date is as Jin Ha Kyung in Forecasting Love and Weather, which aired on Netflix. The actress has starred in other dramas outside of Netflix, including If Beale Street Could Talk, A New Leaf, Healer, Her Private Life, and When the Weather is Fine.

  • Na In-woo as Yoo Ji-hyuk

U&K Food’s marketing manager and Kang Ji-won’s main ally in exacting her vengeance. He loves her, but she doesn’t love him back. Mystic Pop-Up Bar was the actor’s lone supporting appearance in a Netflix Original. Leading parts in dramas including Jinxed at First, Cleaning Up, Her Bucket List, and Longing for You have been played by the actor.

  • Lee Yi-kyung as Park Min-hwan

before Ji-won comes back. On U&K Food’s Marketing Team 1, he serves as deputy manager. Lee Ki Young last starred as Park Chun Sam in the 2020 Korean drama Secret Royal Inspector; this is her first main role since then. Marry My Husband is the first appearance of Lee Ki Young on Netflix.

  • Song Ha-yoon as Jung Soo-min

The only best buddy of Ji-won who is having an extramarital affair. Her role at U&K Foods is that of a marketing team member. The Korean dramas in which the actress has starred include Touching You, Oh! Young Sim, Fight for My Way, Please Don’t Date Him, and Fight for My Way.

  • Lee Gi-kwang as Baek Eun-ho

Ji-won’s high school buddy is an attractive and popular chef.

  • Gong Min-jung as Yang Joo-ran
  • Kim Jung-hee as Kim Kyung-wook
  • Ha Do-kwon as Lee Seok-joon
  • Moon Sung-keun as Yoo Han-il
  • Cho Jin-se as Cho Dong-seok

Where to watch Marry My Husband?

In addition to streaming on Prime Video in certain locations, the South Korean network tvN will carry Marry My Husband. It is expected that subtitles will be added upon release.

Marry My Husband Trailer

The new trailer for Marry My Husband, which will air soon, shows the beginning of the tale that will be the main focus of the film. Marry My Husband’s official trailer shows Kang Ji-Won’s quest for vengeance. The story starts when she learns about her husband Park Min-Hwan’s (Lee Yi-Kyung) romance with his closest friend Jung Soo-Min (Song Ha-Yoon).

Ji-Won decides to seek vengeance when her spouse pushes her to death by traveling back in time. Not only does she wreak havoc on her marriage, but she also picks fights with her closest friend. Friend and employer Yoo Ji-Hyeok (Na In-Woo) also helps Ji-Won out.

Marry My Husband Episodes

The first season of Marry My Husband will consist of sixteen episodes. Look forward to releases every other week since they will be issued on Monday and Tuesday. Around 70 minutes will be the running time of each episode.

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