The 100 Season 7: Everything we know thus far!

The 100 Season 7: Everything we know thus far!:

If you’ve recovered from the shocking season 6 finale episode of CW’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi show The 100, and are now rummaging through the world wide web for all the information you could get on season 7, you’ve arrived at the right place.

The 100 Season 7
The 100 Season 7

As announced by the showrunner Jason Rothenberg via a tweet earlier this month, the upcoming seventh season of the show is set to be it’s last. Soon, the internet was abuzz with fans looking for any information they could get on the season that’s going to bring their favorite sci-fi TV drama to an end it rightfully deserves.

And so we’ve compiled all the information we know thus far about the seventh and the last season of The 100:

For a show based in a post-apocalyptic world, the writers have managed to create brilliant, gripping, and occasionally mind-numbing plots all through the past six seasons. And if we are to go by what Rothenberg said in an interview to hyperbole, things are set to get much more intense.

”For me, as a storyteller, the point of the story, the moral of the story, is the ending.”

-Rothenberg (in an interview to hypable)

As far as the plot for the last season is concerned, no points for guessing that they will dive deeper into the events that unfolded during the season 6 finale, with much of the focus being on ‘The Anomaly Stone,’ an artifact whose origins are thus far unknown to the viewers. Rothenberg has also hinted at playing with time travel, which could create ripple effects and set a multitude of events in motion. All that we can say to that is- Bring it on!

And what’s truly amazing is that unlike most of the previous seasons, this one will be packed with 16 episodes, with the finale being the 100th. Could it be more poetic?

Although the network is yet to announce the release date for the concluding season, our best guess is that it should start airing sometime between April and June 2020.

When asked about how the season, and with it, the series would end, Rothenberg says in an interview to EW,”…it won’t be ‘People are horrible, we all suck, we’re willing to kill everyone and everything and do anything to survive.’ There’s a higher purpose.”

With the season still being more than 8-10 months away, we certainly are going to have a tough time trying to wait it out. How about you?

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