When will be Heartland Season 12 on Netflix?

When will be Heartland Season 12 on Netflix?

Season 11 of Heartland is now streaming on Netflix, and the fans want to know when season 12 is coming to the streaming giant. Don’t worry. We have news about season 12 as well as season 13 which is currently being filmed!

Heartland Season 12 & Season 13 on Netflix
Heartland Season 12 & Season 13 on Netflix

What is Heartland about?

Heartland is a television drama based on a series book by Lauren  Brooke. It focusses on the tightly-knit Bartlett-Fleming ranching family of Hudson, Alberta. It follows the journey and adventure of two sisters and their grandfather as they look after the Heartland ranch. The highlight of the show is the ever-changing landscape of running a ranch along with different experiences of treating horses with special needs, due to neglect, or other things.

The show is originally from CBC, Canada who have  Workin’ Moms and Schitt’s Creek in their production credits.

Heartland Season 13

Season 13 of Heartland, as recent updates revealed, are halfway done with their filming. It is to air on CBC in Canada in either late 2019 or early 2020.

When will Netflix get Heartland season 12?

Season 12 has already premiered on CBC in Canada, so technically Heartland is already a staple there.

  • Netflix Canada will be most likely to get season 12 before any other Netflix division.
  • Netflix Australia already has Heartland season 12 on their list of shows, so fans are ready for season 13.
  • Netflix in the UK will most likely be the first region outside of Canada to get Heartland in April 2020.
  • That only leaves back the United States who will be the last country to get season 12 of Heartland. The tentative date of the premiere could be August 2020.

Final Thoughts :

While waiting for season 12 to drop on Netflix, you can binge-watch the first ten seasons of the series on Netflix US right now. If you aren’t up to date with the new developments of the series, then you should get caught up before the new season hits the streaming service giant this spring. There’s always a chance the season could drop without any warning, whatsoever!

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