Terrorism Close Calls Season 2: Release Date And Other Updates

Terrorism The American documentary series Close Calls premiered in 2018 with the intention of exploring terrorist plots that came close to being carried out but were ultimately thwarted. Each episode investigates a top-secret terrorist act designed to cause widespread devastation. Terrorism Terror attacks that came close to happening or were aborted are the focus of Close Calls.

In each episode, we follow investigators and terrorism experts as they deconstruct narrowly averted catastrophes. As well as revealing the strategies, suggestions, and ploys used by government officials to identify potential individuals who may be held personally responsible. Terrorism Close Calls Season 2 has not yet been announced with a specific release date. Neither Netflix nor the show’s creators are talking about a potential second season.

Terrorism Close Calls Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Terrorism Close Calls is a gory roller coaster, as any viewer can attest. The pilot episode was one of ten in the inaugural season. Terrorism Close Calls is informative because it gives viewers a look into the daily routines of the people whose jobs it is to combat terrorism, as well as into the failed attacks that are featured in the series. The series has been praised for its solid execution, with the exception of some misspelled words and sloppy editing.

Docuseries fans have a bit to wait before they find out if a new season is in the works. Terrorism Close Calls is likely to be renewed for a second season as there are likely many examples of thwarted terrorist plots that might be included on the show. The air date has not been determined at this time. You can expect further updates in the near future.

Terrorism Close Calls Cast

  • David Bitkower
  • Don Borelli
  • Pete King

Terrorism Close Calls Plot

The book Terrorism Close Calls details the many failed attempts by terrorists to carry out a lethal assault throughout history, many of which were only stopped because to the heroic efforts of those who resist terrorism around the clock.

We learn that the NYPD is working around the clock to foil a plot by three young terrorists to attack a New York City subway. The FBI devotes a great deal of resources to examining potentially disastrous internet purchases of dubious items. In an effort to foil terrorists’ plans to bomb American cargo planes in the air, multiple spy agencies joined together. A car dealer plots the assassination of the Saudi ambassador.

He enlists the aid of a drug gang member in Mexico who is actually working undercover for the DEA. His effort fails. Planes in North America are the target of suicide bombers’ plans. They come up with the brilliant notion of smuggling liquid explosives into sports drinks in order to detonate the aircraft. Anti-terrorist cells must use incredible ingenuity to prevent catastrophe. The FBI prevented another plot that would have murdered hundreds of people by foiling a man’s attempt to bomb a Martin Luther King Day march.

We watch as a group of four terrorists plots to bomb German nightclubs. When the populace makes a rush at them, they intend to bomb the streets. Intelligence services are working around the clock to prevent any terrible strikes. Terrorism Close Calls returns with another episode in which the detention of a 14-year-old suspect prompts authorities to launch an investigation. After conducting research, the agencies have concluded that a terrorist group is planning one of the deadliest attacks ever to hit Australia. In the series finale, we see the law enforcement squad foil the plot of terrorists planning to kill civilians in Germany.

Terrorism Close Calls Season 1 Review

The ten featured episodes all stick to a fairly standard formula. At the beginning of each episode, we are given a quick rundown of the episode’s basic premise before being shown a brief historical overview of the country or people featured in the episode. After this, we get face-to-face interviews with professionals who walk us through the methods taken to disrupt the men’s plot, which takes another 40 minutes or so.

People being interviewed lack enthusiasm and dedication in their voices as they describe, in a monotonous way, the methodical steps implemented during each mission, while the narrator handles to inject the right level of intensity into his voice throughout the re-enacted segments and archival footage.

Due to its lengthy running time and meticulously scheduled segments, this is not the type of documentary that can be watched in one sitting. Although the cheesy re-enactments and absence of enthusiasm from the various participants detract from the overall experience, learning about the actual plots is fascinating and inspires a great deal of respect for the individuals and organizations responsible for foiling so many potentially catastrophic terrorist plots.

There is just enough here to make Terrorism Close Calls an engaging movie, but if you’re seeking for an engaging, emotionally charged documentary about terrorism, we suggest checking out November 13: Attack on Paris, which is a far better alternative.

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