Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Release Date: Is It Returning?

‘Live Up To Your Name’ is the title of a South Korean drama that expertly depicts the historical period and draws distinctions between the past and present. It provides an overview of both the classical period and the modern age. Modern medicine is more effective at curing anyone than traditional medicine, and this is the narrative of a doctor who produces medicine by comparing the two.

Season 2 of Live Up to Your Name has a lot of anticipating fans. This page will address all of their questions about Live Up To Your Name Season 2, for which they have no source material. Just keep scrolling down the page and the whole article will be revealed to you.

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Renewal Status

The show’s immense success can be attributed to its eclectic blend of medical drama, romance, humor, fantasy, and historical themes. Live Up To Your Name premiered in 2017, and it was an instant hit with viewers.

Many viewers are currently looking forward to what the future holds for this drama. We are sorry to say that the production company has not yet made any announcements about the show’s future as of this writing.

The supporters have also started an online petition to try to get a second season, but thus far the authorities haven’t done anything about it. We’re keeping an eye on the official updates, and if we learn anything about the show’s forthcoming season, we’ll be sure to share it with you here.

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Release Date

The million-dollar issue to which, alas, no one has the solution. Let’s be real: nobody knows for sure if a second season will even be made. The studio’s decision will be based on the first season’s ratings. But if the second season is as popular as the first, it’s possible we’ll see it. No details about Season 2 of Live Up To Your Name have been revealed by the creators.

However, the premiere date of Season 2 might be estimated. There are a lot of things that need to be worked on before we can expect a second season. Casting, writing, and filming will take at least a year, and it doesn’t even include post-production. A more plausible time frame for Season 2 of Live Up To Your Name would be the winter of 2023. Hopefully, it will be out before the summer of 2024 so we can watch it.

Live Up To Your Name Storyline

Heo Im (Kim Nam-gil) is an acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Korean medicine from the Joseon era. During the day, he helped the needy at the clinic, but at night, he paid trips to the homes of nobility and government officials, earning him a fortune. He was recruited to assist treat the king’s migraines after his fame and success made him an obvious choice. He was wrongly accused of treason because of his nervous breakdown.

He refused to accept prison and instead tried to evade capture while being pursued by soldiers. He was supposedly cornered in a river, shot dead with arrows, and thrown in. His death never occurred, and he finds himself in present-day Seoul, Korea, wondering how he managed to travel across time. While wandering about Shinhae Hospital dazed and disoriented, he unexpectedly encounters Choi Yeon-kyung (Kim Ah-joong), a cardiothoracic fellow surgeon.

Live Up To Your Name Cast and characters

  • Kim Nam-gil as Heo Im / Heo Bong-tak, an acupuncturist who time travels to Seoul 400 years later when he was about to drown.
  • Kim Ah-joong as Choi Yeon-kyung, a female surgeon who goes clubbing after work to relieve stress.
  • Moon Ga-young as Dong Mak-Gae, Heo Im’s loyal assistant who dreams of becoming a doctor just like her boss.
  • Kim Myung-gon as Ma Sung-tae, a renowned but greedy doctor who is director of a renowned Eastern medicine hospital in Seoul. He is also the grandfather of Yoo Jae-Ha (Yeon-kyung’s childhood friend).
  • Um Hyo-sup as Heo Jun, a legendary physician from the Joseon Dynasty who was active during the reigns of King Seonjo and King Gwanghae.
  • Ahn Suk-hwan as Shin Myung-hoon, the director of the hospital where Yeon-kyung works and consequently her boss/ Minister of War (Joseon), an unnamed corrupt war minister of the Joseon dynasty during the Imjin War.
  • Maeng Sang-hoon as Yoo Chan-sung
  • Lee Dae-yeon as Professor Hwang, her teacher and superior at the hospital.
  • Oh Dae-hwan as Doo-chil, one of the servants of the corrupt Minister of War of Joseon.
  • Tae Hang-ho as Min Byung-gi, one of the nurses at Yeon-kyung’s grandfather’s oriental medicine clinic.
  • Kim Byung-choon as Kwon Ji
  • Yoo Min-kyu as Yoo Jae-ha, a young doctor of oriental medicine who is Yeon-kyung’s childhood friend and Sung-tae’s grandson
  • Jin Seon-kyu as Yeon-i’s father
  • Yoon Joo-sang as Choi Chun-Sool.
  • Byeon Woo-seok as Heo Jun’s assistant
  • Kim Sung-joo as Kim Min-jae
  • Roh Jeong-eui as Oh Ha-ra
  • Lee Do-yeop as Oh Ha-ra’s father
  • Lee Ga-ryeong as Gisaeng
  • Shin Rin-ah as Yeon-i
  • Hiromitsu Takeda as Sayaka (Joseon)/ Kim Chung-seon (Baptized name after Imjin War)

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Plot

Since a second season has not been guaranteed, the story might begin wherever the first one left off. An in-depth depiction of Heo and Yeon-Kyung’s relationship would be shown. The season may also explore how they will react to and resolve their respective personal and professional challenges.

The truth about Heo’s past may cause problems in their relationship. The future of the next program ultimately rests in the hands of the show’s producers and directors, no matter how much trouble they generate for the two of them.

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for a show always contains new and important information. The show’s official trailer currently provides no context. The producers of this Korean drama have not yet verified the show’s long-term viability.

Live Up To Your Name Season 1 Rating

The season’s strong ratings across several platforms attest to the popularity of the drama among viewers, who clearly want more. The writers and creators of this fantastic show are responsible for ensuring that it gets renewed for a second season. The drama has received some of the highest ratings for TV shows in recent memory, including an 8/10 on IMDb, an 8.2/10 on my drama list, and 81% on Watch.

Where to watch Live Up To Your Name?

The first season of this show is already accessible on Netflix, and you can expect to be available to watch the second season there as well.

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