Riverdale Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far

Riverdale Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far

Riverdale is an American series that is full of drama and suspense. This series includes crime, drama, suspense, and also a mystery. Riverdale is very famous amongst almost every youngster because this is an amazing series with lots of positive responses from everybody.

The series is renewed for its sixth season in Feb 2021. We expect that the audience will show the same response to this series as they have shown to the other five-season, which was amazing with its cast members especially.

The series Riverdale is full of crime, murder, mystery, and lots of teen drama. The story they have created in the series is fascinating, and I bet you will like the series and its amazing story. This series has 6.8 IMDb ratings out of 10.

Please read the complete article to know more about Riverdale and its cast members.

Riverdale Season 6 Release Date

Riverdale is a series of teens which includes a lot of drama and a lot of action with the crime. This series is revolving around Andrew Archie, who is living in a small town. Archie is exploring the dark image behind the image, which seems to be perfect.

Riverdale is an amazing series to watch, and also, it’s very famous among everyone because of the story content and especially the cast members. This famous series is based on the characters by Archie comics. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa did the development of this series called Riverdale.

The series Riverdale is starring amazing people like KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Marisol Nichols, Ashleigh Murray, Madchen Amick, Luke Perry, Casey Cott, Charles Melton, Drew Ray Tanner, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Madelaine Petsch, Mark Consuelos, Skeet Ulrich, Vanessa Morgan, and Erinn Westbrook. These people are loved by the audience so much.

The producer of this series is J. B. Moranville. This series is filmed in Vancouver, which is in British Columbia.

Stephen Jackson and David Lanzenberg do the cinematography of this series, and the editor of this series is Paul Karasick, Marvin Matyka, and Harry Jierjian. The running time of this series is about 40 to 45 minutes.

This series was made under Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, Archie Comics, and CBS Studios. Warner Bros., This series Riverdale, was distributed by television distribution.

There are no updates for the sixth season of this amazing series called Riverdale, but if we get any updates for this season, we will let you know. As far as we know, the sixth season will have 19 episodes in total. This series will be available on Netflix and CW as well.

The first season has 13 episodes in total, each episode 42-25 minutes long. Titles of each episode are The River’s Edge, A Touch of Evil, Body Double, The Last Picture Show, Heart of Darkness, Faster – Pussycats – Kill – Kill, In a Lonely Place, The Outsiders, La Grande Illusion, The Lost Weekend, To Riverdale and Black Again, Anatomy of a Murder, and The Sweet Hereafter.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa writes the first season of this series, Yolonda E. Lawrence, Michael Grassi, Ross Maxwell, Tessa Leigh Williams, Nicholas Zwart, Aaron Allen, Julia Cohen, James DeWille, Britta Lundin, and Brian E. Paterson.

This series was directed by Lee Toland Krieger, Mark Piznarski, Jesse Warn, Steven A. Adelson, Allison Anders, David Katzenberg, Lee Rose, Dawn Wilkinson, Kevin Sullivan, and Rob Seidenglaz.

The second season has 22 episodes in total. The titles of each episode are A Kiss Before Dying, Nighthawks, The Watcher in the Woods, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, When a Stranger Calls, Death Proof, Tales from the Darkside, House of the Devil, Silent Night – Deadly Night, The Blackboard Jungle, The Wrestler, The Wicked and the Divine, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Hill Have Eyes, There Will Be Blood, Primary Colors, The Noose Tightens, A Night to Remember, Prisoners, Shadow of a Doubt, Judgement Night, and Brave New World.

This season was written under Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Michael Grassi, Ross Maxwell, Amanda Lasher, Aaron Allen, Tessa Leigh Williams, Arabella Anderson, James DeWille, Yolonda Lawrence, Shepard Boucher, Britta Lundin, Brian E. Paterson, Greg Murray, and Devon Turner.

This season was directed under Seidenglanz, Allison Anders, Kevin Sullivan, Jason Stone, Ellen Pressman, Maggie Kiley, Dawn Wilkinson, Kevin Sullivan, Rob Seidenglanz, Tim Hunter, Gregg Araki, Rachel Talalay, Julie Plec, David Katzenberg, Mark Piznarski, Sherwin Shilati, Alexis Ostrander, Jason Stone, Jennifer Phang, Gregory Smith, Cherie Nowlan, and Steven A. Adelson.

The third season had 22 episodes in total. Each episode is titled Labor Day, Fortune and Men’s Eyes, As Above – So Below, The Midnight Club, The Great Escape, Manhunter, The Man in Black, Outbreak, No Exit, The Stranger, The Red Dahlia, Bizarrodale, Requiem for a Welterweight, Fire Walk with Me, American Dreams, Big Fun, The Raid, Jawbreaker, Fear the Reaper, Prom Night, The Dark Secret of Harvest House, and Survive the Night.

This season was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Michael Grassi, Aaron Allen, Tessa Leigh Williams, Greg Murray, Ace Hasan, Cristine Chambers, Janine Salinas Schoenberg, James DeWille, Arabella Anderson, Brian E. Paterson, Devon Turner, Will Ewing, and Britta Lundin.

The season was directed under Kevin Sullivan, Jeff Woolnough, Jeff Hunt, Dawn Wilkinson, Pamela Romanowsky, Rachel Talalay, Alex Pillai, John T. Kretchmer, Maggie Kiley, Greg Smith, Harry Jierjian, Tawnia McKiernan, Marisol Adler, Gabriel Correa, Alexandra La Roche, David Katzenberg, and Rob Seidenglanz.

The fourth season has 19 episodes in total. It is titled In Memoriam, Fast Times at Riverdale High, Dog Day Afternoon, Halloween, Witness for the Prosecution, Hereditary, The Ice Storm, In Treatment, Tangerine, Varsity Blues, Quiz Show, Men of Honor, The Ides of March, How to Get Away with Murder, To Die For, The Locked Room, Wicked Little Town, Lynchian, and Killing Mr. Honey.

This series was written under Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Michael Grassi, Will Ewing, Ace Hasan, Greg Murray, Janine Salinas Schoenberg, Devon Turner, James DeWille, Arabella Anderson, Tessa Leigh Williams, Brian E. Paterson, Aaron Allen, Ted Sullivan, Ariana Jackson, Chrissy Maroon, and Evan Kyle.

This season was directed under  Gabriel Correa, Pamela Romanowsky, Gregory Smith, Erin Feeley, Harry Jierjian, Alex Pillai, Michael Goi, Roxanne Benjamin, Chell Stephen, Catriona McKenzie, Claudia Yarmy, James DeWille, Shannon Kohli, Tessa Blake, Antonio Negret, Steve A. Adelson, and Madchen Amick.

The fifth season of Riverdale has 19 episodes. It is titled Climax, The Preppy Murders, Graduation, Purgatorio, The Homecoming, Back to School, Fire in the Sky, Lock and Key, Destroyer, The Pincushion, etc.

The fifth season of Riverdale is still running on Netflix. The 11th episode of this season will be released on the 11th of August, 2021. So if you have not watched the series yet, watch before the 11th and sixth seasons because it is so amazing and the storyline is so interesting.

This fifth season was written under Ace Hasan, Greg Murray, Janine Salinas Schoenberg, Devon Turner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Michael Grassi, Ariana Jackson, Ted Sullivan, Arabella Anderson, Chrissy Maroon, Aaron Allen, etc.

This fifth season was directed under  Pamela Romanowsky, Gabriel Correa, Steven A. Adelson, Rachel Talalay, Rob Seidenglanz, etc.

The storyline of the sixth season is not yet out, and also, maybe it will be in continuation of the fifth season, but there is a confirmation that the sixth season will come as soon as possible.

So in the recently released episode, Alice, Kevin, and Betty are finding a body, and they are taking it to Dr. curdle Jr. Still, he is unable to recognize the body, so later, betty is thinking that this is Margaret’s body because she was missing for years.

On the other side, veronica is trying to convince her students to build a jewelry store to help her. But Hiram is trying to destroy her plans. So Archie reinstates Riverdale Fire Department. At that time, corporal Jackson is coming to the place.

Toni and Cheryl agree to train the vixens. Tabitha and jughead are on the mission to investigate the MOth Men. And later, they find that Nana Rose has secretly kept the disfigured corpse of one moth man. This was hidden in a maple barrel for a long time by Nana Rose.

They are trying to figure out the corpse because they wanted to know what is there in that thing. So they are opening that corpse in pop’s kitchen. Then, when the time of the graveyard is shifting, Jughead sees the light, and it is coming from the outside of pop’s kitchen.

After seeing that, his mind goes blank. He is not able to remember anything that happened earlier. They all are shocked because the corpse was not there in the kitchen the next morning.

Betty is coming over there and tells everybody that more women are missing from the nearby towns. So, she is starting the investigation to find out the serial killer.

Jughead is struggling because of the encounter with aliens. And just because of that, Tabitha is confronting him. While teaching at Riverdale high school, he is hallucinating the alien-type scenario again and again.

He also sees that same thing while he is bathing in his house. So he is getting more confused after such things happening to him. So fangs and Kevin are deciding to abandon their relationships and also decided to get engaged.

They are talking with their gang members and also announces that they are engaged. They also say that they’re helping tony to raise her child.

Kevin is struggling with the commitment which is given to Fangs. Meanwhile, Cheryl is getting upset because of the announcement, and later, he is planning a key party at Thornhill.

Chad and Archie are getting squabble at that party, and because of that reason, Veronica is filing a divorce. Cheryl tells everyone that she is not interested in Toni and that she is just helping Toni raise the child, nothing more.

Betty and Archie are deciding that they should and end their sexual relationship, and also, after that, Veronica and Archie are starting their romance again. Cheryl and Minerva are having a good time with each other.

Polly is calling Betty and Alice. She is saying that the phone booth is off and also the highway was very lonely. So the phone booth is getting dismantled when they are arriving at that place. The phone booth was all covered with blood, and it kind of gets intense after that scene.

On the other side, Veronica and Archie are losing few games, and they are feeling difficulty in keeping the Bulldog’s spirit alive. So they are struggling for that thing.

Glen is calling Betty to tell everything about the blood which was there on the phone booth. Also, Glen is saying that the blood is the match for Polly. Betty is getting shocked because Polly is no more. She is talking with Alice and saying that the blood is not a match for Polly.

Jughead discovers that one of the students is involved with the encounters and also with the Moth Men. But that student is not there in the town, meaning he is left with his parents.

Jughead and Betty are going to meet an older man called Dreyfus on a lonely highway. He is convinced that Polly is no more, and she knows she had an encounter with the Moth Men.

Kevin is planning to get the return to cruising, and then he hits a roadblock. The bulldogs are struggling with the stonewall stations. After that, The bulldogs are winning a small victory because, for the very first time, they scored in the season.

Betty is on the way to save those girls and to get justice for Polly. At home, she finds Glen, where Glen is talking with Alice, and tells him that the blood matches Polly.

Later, betty is finding that glen is about to write a dissertation about the cooper family. On the other hand, Betty and Alice find that Dagwood and Juniper are the victims of the darkness of that family, which is just an assumption made by them.

Archie finds that they are on a dirty mission like he and Kevin are making a ready for parent teacher night. First, Reggie and Hiram are buying the Blossom maple from Cheryl, but later, Cheryl is refusing that thing.

Tabitha and jughead share some good momet=nts at Pop’s kitchen later, and jughead is talking with her and convincing her to watch him over because he is taking psychedelic maple mushrooms to write novels. After all, those are helping him.

She is accepting after Jessica is entering the city. On the other hand, Hiram is trying to flee from the prison, so he is taking a break out of prison.

Chic and Charles are going to cooper house to get married to Alice. Later, Glen is arriving over there, and they are planning to play a game of the Pincushion Man.

Juniper has to stab Glen, but betty is doing that. She is doing it before to stab chic and also causing Charles to get shot.

Reggie is trying to set a fire at maple groves. Jughead is going on the terrific drug trip. Later, the FBI is planning to move this case upstate. Finally, Betty is deciding to take this matter on her own. Where on the other side, Tabitha is going back to the bunker to find bloody handprints.

Tabitha is trying to find the handprints on the novel of jughead to catch the murderer. The fifth season is ongoing right now. If there is any update regarding the series, we will definitely let you know.

We expect that the series will complete as soon as possible, and also, we are expecting that the sixth season will release as soon as possible.

Also, fans are expecting that the series will be in continuation, meaning that the fifth season’s story will continue in the sixth season, or else we expect that there will be a twist that will be more thrilling and adventurous.

Also, bad news for the fans is that this sixth series of the season will be last season becuasse they are wrapping up the show with a great end, as we all are expecting that. But you never know, we can still expect the seventh season to be announced at the end of the sixth one because fans expect this to have another part.

There is no update about the filming of the sixth season because they have not yet started to film the sixth season as the fifth season is still going on Netflix, so maybe the fifth season will end first, and maybe later they will decide to film the sixth season of the show.

We know that the filming for the fifth season was started on 14th September 2020 and was completed on 1st June 2021.

Everybody was so excited about the fifth season because they are fans of this series because of the best characters. Also, the story is amazing and so interesting that they can not resist themselves to watch this series.

This amazing series called Riverdale is also nominated and also won awards. This interesting and amazing series got Saturn Award, Teen Choice Award, Leo Award, MTV Movie and TV Award, People’s Choice Award, and Kid’s Choice Award. And the series is also nominated for Dorian Awards, Critics’ Choice Super Awards, etc.

Also, if we get any updates about the sixth season, we will definitely let you know on this website so if you want to get any latest news updates or anything like that, stay tuned on this website for more interesting news and updates.

Riverdale Season 6 Cast:

Everybody is so excited to know the cast members of this sixth season, and we also have a recent update on the cast members with modifications. So let us know who are the characters of this amazing sixth season.

  1. KJ Apa as Archie Andrews
  2. Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper
  3. Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge
  4. Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones
  5. Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge
  6. Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom
  7. Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy
  8. Madchen Amick as Alice Cooper
  9. Luke Perry as Fred Andrews
  10. Mark Consuelos as Hiram Lodge
  11. Casey Cott as Kevin Keller
  12. Skeet Ulrich as F. P. Jones
  13. Charles Melton as Reggie Mantle
  14. Vanessa Morgan as Toni Topaz
  15. Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs Fogarty
  16. Erinn Westbrook as Tabitha Tate
  17. Molly Ringwald as Mary Andrews
  18. Martin Cummins as Tom Keller
  19. Nathalie Boltt as Penelope Blossom
  20. Tiera Skovbye as Polly Cooper
  21. Alvin Sanders as Pop Tate
  22. Peter James Bryant as Waldo Weatherbee
  23. Lochlyn Munro as Hal Cooper
  24. Asha Bromfield as Melody Valentine
  25. Hayley Law as Valerie Brown
  26. Tom McBeath as Smithers
  27. Barbara Wallace as Rose Blossom
  28. Marion Eisman as Doris Bell
  29. Jordan Connor as Sweet Pea
  30. Hart Denton as Chic
  31. Nikolai Witschl as Dr. Curdle Jr.
  32. Bernadette Beck as Peaches ‘N Cream
  33. Sean Depner as Bret Weston Wallis
  34. Sarah Desjardins as Donna Sweett
  35. Mishel Prada as Hermosa Lodge
  36. Ryan Robbins as Frank Andrews
  37. Sommer Carbuccia as Eric Jackson
  38. Greyston Holt as Glen Scot
  39. Chris Mason as Chad Gekko
  40. Adeline Rudolph as Minerva Marble

Riverdale Season 6 Release Date:

As far as we know that this amazing sixth season will be out on the 16th of November 2021 on CW and as well on Netflix too.

So those who guys are eagerly waiting for the sixth season, be ready for the sixth season because it will be amazing this time. We will get to know about this show more. And everyone is eager to know that what is gonna happen in this season.

The first season of Riverdale came out on  26th January 2017, and it has 13 episodes. The second came out on 11th October 2017, and it has 22 episodes. Finally, the third season came out on 10th October 2017, and it has 22 episodes too.

The fourth season was announced on  9th October 2019, and it contains 19 episodes. The fifth season was announced on 20th January 2021, and it has 19 episodes in total. Finally, the sixth season was announced on  3rd February 2021.

Riverdale Season 6 Trailer:

The official trailer of this amazing sixth season is not out yet. So, we are also waiting for this season’s trailer. But, if we get any update on this series, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to this website for more updates and more news.


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