Stealer: The Treasure Keeper Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The upcoming South Korean comedy-drama Stealer: The Treasure Keeper will mark actor Joo Won’s return to television as the protagonist in this comedic action series. ‘Alice,’ his final small screen cameo in 2020, has fans eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new series.

Following her breakout performance in the action movie “Carter” on Netflix, Joo Won returns with yet another physically demanding role, this time as a government worker who secretly steals antiques. Choi Joon-bae, well known for his role in “Mouse,” is the film’s director.

Fans can’t wait to find out whether the show will be renewed for a second season, which began on April 12, 2023. Continue reading to get all the concert details.

Stealer The Treasure Keeper Season 2 Renewal Status

No renewal for a second season of Stealer: The Treasure Keeper has been announced as of this writing. That may change if the program is successful for TVN, considering the subject matter. Critics and viewers alike have been kind to Stealer: The Treasure Keeper thus far, praising Joo Won’s performance and the show’s entertaining and thrilling narrative and storytelling.

We anticipate that the program will not be renewed for a second season due to its setup. While the show’s current ratings are strong, it doesn’t exactly set itself up for a second season, so unless the numbers go through the roof, TVN isn’t likely to produce a third. Even then, it’s not often that K-dramas get renewed.

Stealer The Treasure Keeper Season 2 Release Date

Season one was published in 2023 by the show’s creator. A plethora of queries voiced by viewers across various internet channels accompany the inaugural season finale. Everyone is eager to find out more about the series because of its captivating plot and well-realized characters.

We believe that the author should have complete control over the series, especially when many websites are sharing their creations. A third season might be in the works for 2024 if the program is greenlit before the year ends in 2023.

Stealer The Treasure Keeper Story

In Stealer: The Treasure Keeper, an amusing action-drama dubbed “Skunk” an unofficial team of property recoveries called “Karma” battle against lawbreakers. Skunk is a strange cultural property thief. That is all. In ‘Stealer, The Treasure Keeper,’ Joo-won plays multiple roles, including that of Hwang Dae-Myung, a civil servant in the Cultural Heritage Administration, and a skunk, a mysterious thief who specializes in stealing cultural assets. This film comes just three months after her drama “Alice” was released.

The show’s protagonist, Daemyung, works for the Cultural Heritage Administration’s Special Investigation Division. Daemyung is uninterested in his job and is often ignored by his coworkers. Daemyung, whose specialty is dragging a skunk in a black mask, intrigues and builds suspense for the sort of scenario that will develop in the two strange images.

Stealer The Treasure Keeper Cast

  • Joo Won as Hwang Dae-myung / Skunk
  • Lee Joo-woo as Choi Min-woo
  • Jo Han-chul as Jang Tae-in
  • Kim Jae-won as Shin Chang-hoon
  • Choi Hwa-jung as Lee Chun-ja
  • Min Su-hwa as Jin Ae-ri
  • Lee Deok-hwa as Kim Young-soo
  • Kim Jae-chul as Jo Huin-dal
  • Choi Jung-woo as Dr. Ko
  • Jung Eun-pyo as Choi Song-cheol
  • Jeon Jin-oh as Kim Young-chan
  • Jang Gwang as Chairman Yang
  • Lee Seol-ah as Ahn Yeon-ji
  • Jung Min-joon as Ahn Yeon-seok
  • Shim Jin-hwa as Shim Mi-young
  • Kim Won-hyo as Mi-young’s husband
  • Song Jae-hee as Jang Chun-peong

Stealer The Treasure Keeper Season 2 Plot

Since TVN has not officially approved a second season, very little is known about it at this time. But if it is renewed, Team Karma will be back with a whole new objective and a whole new cast of baddies.

Stealer The Treasure Keeper Season 2 Trailer

There has been no word yet on when The Stealer, the Treasure Keeper, will return for a second season. There are currently no updates on the topic since the authorities have not published a trailer for the new season.

Stealer The Treasure Keeper Rating

On MyDramaList, it has a solid 7.9 rating, while on IMDb, it has a decent 7.3 rating. An outstanding 9.6 out of 10 on DramaBeans is its rating.

Where to watch Stealer The Treasure Keeper?

You can watch the South Korean drama Stealer: The Treasure Keeper on TVN right now.

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