Santo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Santo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The story of the notorious drug lord Santo is told in the Netflix show Santo, which is in both Spanish and Brazilian. In the story of the series, two police officers from really different worlds have been brought together to help catch the faceless criminal.

The first summer of the Netflix show was decided to make in September 2022 by Carlos Lopez as well as Occult Fiction, but it could have been better. The show has a 5 rating on IMDB, and it’s not clear if a second season would be made. Here is everything we know so far about the show that is coming up.

The Spanish-Brazilian Netflix show Santo is about a famous drug lord named Santo. In the plot of the show, two officers from different worlds work together to find the faceless criminal.

The first season of the show, which was made by Carlos Lopez as well as Occult Fiction, came out on Netflix in Sept. 2022. The show might have done better, though. The show has a 5 rating on IMDB, and it’s hard to say if it will receive a second season or not. Here’s what we understand about the show that’s coming up.

Cop suspense seems to be probably among the most well-known types of stories ever written and read. People enjoy watching things about cops that are suspenseful and exciting.

In the last few years, suspense content has grown to a new level, in this article, we’ll talk about a new series that’s all about mind-boggling police suspense.

If you, too, want to know about this new show, don’t worry, because we have everything you’ll need to know regarding Santo as well as ita season 1.

Santo sells drugs, but no one has ever seen his face. Cardona is very against two cops going after him, so they will have to understand to work together to solve this same case but also keep their lifestyles safe.

The latest trend among people who watch a lot of TV at once is to watch the series. Even more so now that the lockdown has been in place since 2020. They don’t just stay in one place or one genre.

In recent years, it has also become common for a series to go in many different directions. Season 1 is one of these shows that many of these people have already been planning to watch.

Just a few days ago, Netflix released the first season of the Brazilian crime drama Santo. The show, which was made by Carlos López, is about what the drug mafia throughout Brazil does.

We were on the edge of our seats at the end of the first season when Santo held Millán’s daughter Luca at gunpoint while he was in jail. Since then, fans have been eager to find out what will happen in Season 2 of Santo.

Santo Season 2 Release Date

The date that season 2 of the crime drama series will come out is still unknown. But a second episode of the show hasn’t been announced yet, so it’s not clear whether it will come back.

Will Santo Have a Second Season?

Just at the time, this has been written, Santo hadn’t been picked up for a second season. There is no official announcement about whether or not Santo would be renewed, and since it just started, Netflix is most likely to give a little time to discover its audience.

In Season 1, which is on Netflix, you can see Victoria Guerra and Bruno Gagliasso. The movie includes the other people listed above, so watch it with your family and friends and have fun. Above, you can find the movie’s release date, its cast, and information about the trailer.

Is Santo Based On A Real Story?

Since the first episode of the Brazilian crime series, Santo came out on Netflix, fans have been comparing it to the Mexican drug war drama Narcos. So, it seems like a natural question to ask if Figo is based on a true tale or not.

But the response is no; Santo does not get his ideas from real-life events. Carlos López is the one who came up with Santo and his mysterious life and actions. López still based his characters, their feelings, and their plots on real people, which makes them seem like real people.

Santo Season 2 Cast

Carlos Lopez is the creator of the Santo series. He has won awards for directing and writing scripts for TV shows like Raya and the Last Dragon, Summertime, Blind Spotting, Your Name, and numerous others.

Raul Arevalo is best known for his role in Summer Rain. In this series, he plays Miguel Millan, a shady police officer who has to bring a criminal boss to jail.

Bruno Gagliasso plays the part of Ernesto Cardona. A coworker of Miguel’s helps catch Santo. Victoria Guerra plays Barbara Azevedo, Greta Fernandez plays Susana Jackson, and Maria Vazquez acts as Arantxa Rivera.

Vazquez has been on a lot of different TV shows, such as LA Fuga, Maria Hospital Real, and The Year of the Rock.

Santo Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second season of The Saint hasn’t been released yet, and we don’t know when it will be. The first season of the show started on September 16. As of January 2023, there had been no word on whether or not it would be renewed for a second season.

If you haven’t seen the first season and want to know more about the show before users decide to watch it, you can watch the first weather trailer either on YouTube or Netflix.

Santo Season 2 Plot

The first episode of the series takes place near Madrid and Salvador, with Miguel and Ernesto, two police officers, as its main characters. The two are on obligation and have been told to catch a notorious drug lord who goes by the name “Santo.”

Santo’s face was not shown to the public, which makes things hard for the police because they don’t know who to keep a lookout for. The 2 police detectives are having trouble solving the case because Santo has a lot of ties to some of the most powerful people in society.

We don’t know what the show will be about in its second season or how it will go. But it won’t come until the first episode of the show is over.

Since the show ended on a cliffhanger, people are hoping that Netflix will renew it so they can find out what happened to Agent Millán’s daughter and Barbara. Also, it’s not clear why Agent Cardona got in the way of Santo’s arrest during the last takedown.

What does he want to do with Santo? Did he change? If so, will they get back together? If the show is renewed, season 2 could start in 2023 or initial 2024, depending on when Netflix provides the go-ahead. Don’t worry, we’ll let you be aware as soon as they do.

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