As the Crow Flies Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

As the Crow Flies Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Even Crow Flies is indeed a Turkish thriller TV show that you can watch on Netflix. It is about a young intern named Asli Tuna, who is a member of Generation Z and is determined to get to the top of Helen’s new job. But she soon learns that this world has a dark side that can destroy her as well as her morals.

Asli likes the popular news department anchor Lale, but when she finally gets to talk to Elizabeth, Lale barely notices her and tells the woman to go in a different direction and do well there.

So, Asli starts to work at a company that makes TV shows, where Lale is an intern. She tries as hard as she can to get close to Lale. Now we see the evil side of a fan who feels like her ideal person has lied to her and insulted her.

The audience liked the first half of the series, and it’s clear that they want to see more. If you’re also waiting for the second season of Those as the Crow Flies, continue reading to find out what’s going on.

The Crow Flies, which will be available on Netflix on June 3, 2022, is another hopeful Turkish drama series, and many people can’t wait for Season 2. We have to say that humans watched the whole series at once and enjoyed it. Season 2 can’t come soon enough!

Turkish TV shows are making a lot of noise on the streamer these days, particularly after shows like The Club and Midnight just at Pera Palace became huge hits on the platform.

As the Crow Species was made by the well-known Turkish filmmaker Kerem atay. It has 8 episodes, and each one lasts about 50 minutes. The show follows Asli, a young woman who wants to move up in her career but doesn’t want to work hard and instead tries to find new ways to get ahead, and Lale, a seasoned as well as idealistic news anchor.

As the Crow Flies Season 2 Release Date

Well, we’d love to jump right back into Asli’s story, but we haven’t heard anything about the show being renewed yet. Since this wasn’t advertised as a television series and people seem to like it, there’s a good chance Netflix will give it a second season soon.

As the Crow Flies Season 2 Cast

The major characters of Lale Kiran and Asli Tuna, Birce Akalay, and Miray Daner, both of whom are very talented and amazing, are played by Birce Akalay and Miray Daner, respectively. Lale Kiran is a famous person, while Asli Tuna is a young person who wants to be like Lale Kiran.

The audience has also seen İbrahim Çelikkol as Kanen, Burak Yamantürk as Selim to İrem Sak as well as Defne Kayalar. Since season 2 hasn’t been renewed yet, there are no notifications on the cast. If it gets a second season, the same guest star can come back.

As the Crow Flies Season 2 Trailer

There isn’t an official trailer for the second season yet, but people can watch the trailer for season 1, which shows how everyone’s lives change and how Asli breaks all of us down.

As the Crow Flies Season 2 Plot

Blatant careerism! A central idea that drives the whole plot of the show. The show starts with a flashback to a messy house with broken glass and blood running down the walls.

Yes, it was the home to Lale Kiran, one of Turkey’s most famous newsreaders and everyone’s idol, who was passed out on the floor. Who was the one who attacked?

At present, Asli is also in a journalism class in which Lale is giving a guest lecture. She is a fan of her fans and a young person who wants to be like her. She isn’t afraid to tell her how she feels about Elizabeth. She tells Lale she is her idol, but when Lale’s hidden face appears in front of her, she feels sad.

Her determination as well as struggle all are in vain. After what happened, she changes herself as well as tries to get a new internship by any means possible. In one show, Lale is held at gunpoint by a factory worker who was called in for an interview. Lale’s husband, Selim, blames the show’s producer for keeping the cams on to get the ratings he wanted.

In the middle of all this, Asli tells everyone about the hostage situation, saying that it was all a planned story. She uses fake accounts to make plans, but her lies are starting to hurt Lale and other people.

Her obsession with Lale makes her feel bad, which makes her angrier and more likely to destroy Lake’s life. She tries to make Selim, Kanen, Ozge, and other people think something is wrong.

Lale gave Asli a 2nd chance to change after she found out what her real plans were, but Asli knew how to get out of it. Still, she takes out her anger on Lale, and in the end, Helen knows how she looks.

She tried everything to get the job of Lale, who quit her job and is now spending with her family. Soon, she realized that things that happen easily don’t last long.

When she had to be the news anchor in front of cameras, she was nervous and shaken. Even though season 1 ends on a made-by-mixing note, season 2, if it gets picked up, could be about Asli’s life now or how she gets her life back on track after all the shit Helen has done.

As the Crow FliFlies’rst season just came out on Netflix, humans know you’re already curious about what will happen next. Unfortunately, neither the producers of As the Crow Flies nor the streaming service have given any solid information about Season 2 yet.

So, it makes it look like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to discover if the Turkish drama would then continue or not. Since the second season hasn’t been confirmed yet, there isn’t a trailer for it.

But we should also say that As the Raven Flies has gotten good reviews and a great deal of attention in a short amount of time. That means we believe it is extremely likely that the show will be brought back for another season. Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know what’s going on with As the Crow Flies.

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