Confirmed the surprise break of My Hero Academia: the reason for the stop

The final arc of My Hero Academia began a few chapters, which brought with it quite shocking developments. All the readers of Kohei Horikoshi’s work were in a phase of excitement to see what the situation in society is and above all how the character of the protagonist Izuku Midoriya has developed.

Deku saved Yo Shindo in extremis from Muscular’s attack, suggesting a rematch between the two. We would have discovered in My Hero Academia 308 scheduled for this week if the situation would have really evolved like this, unfortunately, however, a unexpected event caused a change of plans in the publication.

Due to Kohei Horikoshi’s precarious health conditions, in issue 18 of Weekly Shonen Jump the manga of My Hero Academia has been paused. The announcement also came to the last for the editorial staff of the magazine which was no longer able to change the preview and the pages of the publication, making fans think that the manga would be regularly published.

Kohei Horikoshi will nevertheless resume his work in the next issue, therefore the arrival of My Hero Academia 308 has been postponed for a week. The editorial team apologized with a message for the change of plans and asked to continue to support the manga and the sensei once the publication of the story resumes.

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