Zorin OS 16 looks great: the Linux distro that wants to appeal to Windows 10 and macOS users with as little friction as possible

The first beta download of Zorin OS 16, the Linux distribution that has been offering one of the friendliest user interfaces possible for a few years for those users who come from Windows 10, but also from macOS.

Zorin OS is very well thought out for the average user or even the most novice, to be accessible and put everything within reach generating the least possible friction when someone is migrating from something like Windows or Mac.

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You have it for 879 euros at a minimum price

If 64 GB is little capacity for you and you are thinking of going up a storage step to release a iPhone 12you will be glad to know that Amazon has cheaper than ever the smartphone of Apple, both in black and red in its version of 128 GB: if you buy it now, you can take it for 879 euros, thus saving about 80 euros compared to the official price.

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