The 5 Most Affordable Meal Delivery Services in 2021?

The 5 Most Affordable Meal Delivery Services in 2021?

Recently, meal kit companies have become the latest trend in the food industry. They offer a wide range of cooked meals and snacks that can be prepared in no time at home by following simple instructions.

This has decreased the habit of dining out in restaurants in many cases. As a result, people are turning back to home-cooked nutritious and tasty foods and opting for affordable meal delivery services, which are very beneficial for their health and saving money on eating out or grocery shopping. Here we list out some best meal delivery services that you must try:

Blue Apron:

It’s not just about receiving your daily recipes but also having fun cooking them! Blue Apron provides you with an exciting platform where you can quickly cook delicious fresh food. You need to open the box and follow their detailed instructions.

Blue Apron offers three different options for its customers that are decided based upon the number of people who live in your house (two, four, or six).

Although there are many other meal delivery services, Blue Apron is considered one of the best because it provides all necessary ingredients with detailed step-by-step recipes with pictures. Even a person who doesn’t cook very often can make them quickly.

They also offer quick & straightforward recipes, which include only 30 minutes of cooking time! That’s not all; they save money by not providing additional service charges like some other companies charge up to $15 per delivery.

Further, all their products are fresh and delicious as they do not use any additives or preservatives, making them a healthy choice. The only drawback of Blue Apron is that it offers limited decisions, i.e., you can’t choose from their varied menu by yourself, although customers have the option to skip the week if required.

Sun Basket:

Like other meal kit delivery services, Sun Basket also offers three different meal plans for its customers depending upon the number of members in a family (two, four, or six). They focus mainly on organic vegetables and whole grains so that you receive a balanced diet with lots of nutrients because they believe that it’s essential to “eat food.” You can enjoy cooking with their detailed recipes and get the chance to experience organic food all year round.

Not just this, they also offer gluten-free and vegan meals so that everybody is satisfied with their meal kit services. It’s super easy to cook with them as you can find exact ingredients in your box for each recipe which are pre-measured and ready for your use! However, like Blue Apron, they also offer limited choices (around ten each week), but it offers completely free of cost shipping on every order.

Vina Elegant:

Vina Elegant is based in California, and it offers fresh and delicious dishes inspired by America’s famous cuisines. It provides meal plans for two, four, or six people with weekly recipes for each meal plan so that you can enjoy testing your cooking skills with their food.

They send enough ingredients to cook multiple servings with them at a time. The central plus point of this service is their diverse menu that includes international cuisines like Italian, Mexican & Mediterranean, and traditional American dishes. Also, there is no extra fee on per-order basis or cancellation charges! All these features make it one of the best affordable meal delivery services that you must try.

Green Chef:

The central concept of Green Chef is to provide customers with a perfect balance of vegetables & proteins by using the best ingredients. All their recipes are crafted by professional chefs who make them a trusted meal service provider in today’s world. They offer weekly recipe choices for customers based on their dietary needs, i.e., vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian.

Their customer support team assists in your cooking process via telephone and email so that you can cook delicious food without any hassle! They also claim that they use 100%non-GMO fresh ingredients and organic herbs along with gluten-free, paleo, and ketogenic diets menu options to prepare healthy dishes every time! The only drawback is that they charge an extra $9.99 per delivery and a $49 cancellation fee, which is quite expensive compared to other meal kit delivery services.

Pantry by Blue Apron:

Blue Apron is the first company that started the meal kit delivery services process over ten years ago because they wanted to make cooking easy for everyone. Their personalized recipe service includes all necessary ingredients, pre-measured to create mouthwatering dishes within 30 minutes!

Also, they offer gluten-free & vegetarian diet preferences with mouthwatering recipes made from scratch to enjoy different foods every day without any worry because everything will be prepared by professionals trained in culinary institutes. Like other companies, Blue Apron offers limited choices, but it gives free shipping on every order, making it one of the best meal kit delivery services in 2018.

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