Nintendo Switch: production increase and new 4K model in 2021 for Bloomberg

A new Bloomberg report reports that Nintendo would make deals with its suppliers for increase Switch production during the current fiscal year, which will end on March 31, 2021.

In August Nintendo had asked for an increase in production with the aim of producing 25 million pieces by March so as not to have inventory problems as happened in March and April during the hardest months of the Covid-19 emergency. The great success of Animal Crossing New Horizons has skyrocketed hardware sales but many retailers have found themselves out of stock and unable to receive new units due to production and distribution difficulties in Asian factories.

Now Nintendo would have plans to produce up to 30 million Switches by March 31, 2021, Bloomberg contacted several sources involved in the project, all of whom confirmed the rumors. The newspaper also reiterates that the company is also working on a new Switch 4K model arriving in 2021 together with a very high profile software lineup.

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A Nintendo spokesperson contacted by Bloomberg declined any possible comment on the matter.


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