This is all that a 3,113-euro iPad Pro carries armed to the teeth

Without a doubt, the new iPad Pro 2021 is a colossal beast. With the device come new configuration possibilities in Apple’s shopping menu. We have tried to choose all the leading features on this iPad model and this has been the result.

New iPad Pro with all the features to the fullest

The new iPad Pro 2021 cannot be reserved yet. It will be next April 30 when we can acquire the device, which will begin to be delivered in the second half of May. Knowing Apple, it is very possible that the first units begin to arrive before that date.

What we can do is to set up a team from scratch and see how much each upgrade costs. Specifically, if we focus on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, we get the following:

IPad Pro Up

Purchase ticket for an iPad Pro 2021 with the maximum specifications. The Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil are purchased separately.

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Liquid Retina XDR display: 1,199 euros.
  • 2TB of storage space (and 16GB of RAM): add 1,210 euros for a total of 2,409 euros.
  • 5G cellular connection: add 170 euros for a total of 2,579 euros.
  • Optional Magic Keyboard: Add $ 399 for a total of $ 2,978.
  • Apple Pencil 2: add 135 euros for a total of 3,113 euros.

Of course, it is a team loaded to the top of the best specifications. SSD storage is more than half of the price of the basic iPad Pro, while the keyboard and cellular connection represent an additional cost spike. Of course, we must bear in mind that in the iPad Pro in addition to storage we get double the RAM memory from 1TB of space.

An iPad Pro 500 euros more expensive than a MacBook Pro M1

iPad Pro 2021

When we configure this type of equipment for the first time, we are curious about compare it together with a Mac with similar characteristics. And that’s what we’ve done comparing the iPad Pro 2021 to a MacBook Pro M1:

  • 2020 MacBook Pro M1 and 512GB: 1,679 euros.
  • 16GB of RAM: add 230 euros for a total of 1,909 euros.
  • 2TB of storage: add 690 euros for a total of 2,599 euros.

This is what a 2020 MacBook Pro M1 costs with the same M1 chip, 16GB of RAM, and 2TB of storage. A figure that it stays at 500 euros from an iPad Pro with the best specifications. And that they share things like the processor, space or memory.

Of course, both devices are very different. To begin with, the iPad has the incredible Retina Display XDR display with mini-LED, much superior to the Mac. It is also a multi-touch screen where we can write, type, play and work.

The great potential of the AirTag and its superiority over other locator beacons

But the key to all this is in the operating system, so similar and so different at the same time. With this new generation of iPad Pro, Apple has not left anything in the pipeline.

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