Marvel’s “Runaways” Season 3: Teaser and New Poster

A few hours after This panel takes place at the New York Comic-Con. Marvel TV surprises us by launching the Teaser for the third season of “Marvel’s Runaways”.

marvels runaways season 3
marvels runaways season 3

A one minute video that makes it clear that “the darkness is around”. In addition to making it clear what the new threat is and include a look at the new characters.

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The plot of the season is clear that it will revolve around the villainous Morgan le Fay. It will also give a threat to Nico while being tempted by the darkness that resides inside.

There is an announced crossover with “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” to see how Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson reaches to the hideout of the Runaways. They are transported there to say, “What have you done?”.

The third season of  ‘Marvel’s Runaways’  finds its heroes frantically searching for their captured friends Chase, Gert, and Karolina. Children also face to face with an unstoppable enemy that has attacked Leslie, or more accurately, the child in his womb. Nico takes them all to a dark kingdom where their ruler, Morgan le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley), is much more disastrous than any of those children.

The new episodes will arrive on Hulu on December 13.

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