Elite Season 3: Everything We Know Till Now!!

The second season of ‘Elite’ came to Netflix only a few days ago. But its followers are already looking forward to seeing the already confirmed third installment. Logical considering that the second season ends in style.

We will still have to wait to return to Las Encinas But to make the wait more bearable, we will review everything that is already known about the third season of ‘Elite’.


What can we expect?

The murder of Marina was the axis of the first season and the disappearance of Samuel that of the second. Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona did not want to reveal what the third one will be. But they did confirm in an interview with Variety that they intend to maintain the structure of the flashbacks. Also, they always had in mind to do at least three seasons and that each one of them would be more ambitious than the previous one.

More budget will have to solve the cliffhanger left at the end of the second season. For now, The return to Las Encinas de Polo doubts that it will sit precisely well for Guzman. The police have no evidence to leave him behind bars no matter how much his colleagues are already aware of what happened. It also remains to be seen in what situation Carla remains after confessing what happened.

In addition, Lu will have to deal with the loss of his father’s confidence. It leads to a fact that Valerio’s love for her has come to an end. For his part, he has lost Nadia’s confidence after the publication of the video in which he had relations with Guzmán.

In reality, the story of all the main students of ‘Elite’ is still hanging by a thread. So it remains to be seen what its evolution will be.

The cast of Elite Season 3

Netflix has not officially announced it, but we can almost certainly take the participation of the entire main cast. The question that remains is whether ‘Elite’ will have Jaime Lorente -Nano- and Miguel Herrán -Christian- again. Both actors also participate in ‘The paper house’ and that fact has already been noted with a small role in the second batch of episodes.

In addition, everything indicates that ‘Elite’ has followed the same model of ‘The paper house’. It has shot the second and third season of the pull. That would mean that Lorente and Herrán were still very busy but it would be better not to rule out another brief appearance.

For its part, we can take for granted the presence of Danna Paola -Lu-, Miguel Bernardeau -Guzmán-, Itzan Escamilla -Samuel-, Álvaro Rico -Polo-, Arón Piper -Ander-, El Hammani Mine -Nadia-, Ester Expósito -Carla-, Omar Ayuso -Omar-, Jorge López -Valerio-, Claudia Salas -Rebeka-, and Georgina Amorós -Cayetana-. These last three were the great novelty of the distribution of the second and surely there are also new faces in the third.

The number of episodes Elite Season 3

The official confirmation by Netflix is still missing. But both the first and second seasons were divided into eight amazing episodes. Rare thing is that the same does not happen with the third. Especially because of the fact of compressing so much history is essential for ‘Elite’ to be so addictive.

Elite Season 3 trailer

We have not yet seen even a first image of the third season. So we must be patient to see the trailer. We Recall that the first preview of the second season came just a month before its premiere. Meanwhile, we can settle for the video release by Netflix imagining how the series would have been released in 1997.

Premiere date

Netflix has not yet announced when we can see the new episodes. But we can expect a similar wait to the one between the first season, premiered on October 5, 2018, and the second, launched on September 6, 2019. It has logic that also basically coincides with the start of a new school year. So September-October 2020 seems the most likely date.

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