In Arrow’s Last Season “Colton Haynes” will return as “Roy Harper”

With the imminent arrival of the eighth and final season of “Arrow”, our favorite archer is on his way to the final farewell. Several years of fighting have passed with so many villains.

Roy Harper
Roy Harper

However, In the farewell, Oliver will not be alone but All those characters that have been accompanying him will be with him on his way. Among so many actors returning to the final Show-Down, Colton Haynes will return for the last time to play Roy Harper, aka Arsenal.

After receiving the news months ago that he had not been in contact to return for the last season. Also Now, fans can rest easy knowing that he will finally return. The announcement has come from Entertainment Weekly. Haynes has also confirmed it through a message on Twitter.
After promoting this last season as a return to the origins and a tour of all seasons.

We expect that the actor will return. Even more during the seventh season when the character was both in the present (helping Team Arrow to stop the Ninth Circle) and in the future (being an ally of Mia and William to stop the Archer program from destroying Star City).

In addition, It will cover several loose ends That were left unanswered. Why did Roy Harper return to Lian Yu several years after stopping the Ninth Circle? What happened between Thea and him on his return in the last season?

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“Arrow” returns on Tuesday, October 15 at The CW. A season that will pave the way to the crossover  “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

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