Marvel Studios Announces “Avengers: Damage Control” For Virtual Reality Experience

Marvel Avengers Damage Control
Marvel Avengers Damage Control
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Marvel Studios Announces the “Avengers: Damage Control” For Virtual Reality Experience.
The new virtual reality experience will allow you to fight alongside the Avengers using the Iron Man suit.

Marvel Avengers Damage Control
Marvel Avengers Damage Control

According to the official description of the experience, “Shuri has recruited you to try a powerful new prototype of the Iron Man suit. Its design combines Wakanda and Tony Stark technology. When an enemy of the past tries to steal this technology. Then you will fight alongside some of your favorite Avengers. That includes Doctor Strange, Wasp, Ant-Man and more to stop the attack before the world joins a new era of oppression.

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Although it is not yet announced who the villain will be, It is known that the character has appeared in previous installments of Avengers. Similarly, it is not confirmed if the MCU interpreters lent their talent to the characters that will appear in the game. However, considering that the project comes directly from Marvel, there is a great possibility that it has been so.

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On the other hand, in addition to image and sound, the game will also feature physical elements such as cold and heat. This is so that the players feel they are really fighting in the Iron Man suit.

Additionally, you should note that The Void has already created other virtual reality experiences based on the movies. Some of them are Ralph Break VR, Star Wars: The Secrets of Empire, and Ghostbusters: Dimension.


Avengers: Damage Control will arrive at select locations of The Void in the United States and Canada from October 18. So far, we do not know if the experience will reach other countries.

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