George RR Martin’s “Game of Thrones”: How It Could Be True To Books? Explained!!

George RR Martin’s “Game of Thrones”: How It Could Be True To Books? Explained!!
Thirteen would have been a magic number to please fans?

game of thrones books
game of thrones books

Game of Thrones will have triumphed in four of the last five installments of the Emmy Award (even with the controversial final season). However, the epic drama series has been by far that becomes a completely reliable adaptation to the books on which it is based.

This does not necessarily become something negative for the show. But, in terms of its conclusion, The Author George RR Martin recently stressed that, if fidelity was the task of production, GoT may require more seasons.

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In an interview for Fast Company magazine (via IndieWire ) the writer of the literary series Song of Ice and Fire suggested that thirteen seasons were a more appropriate number for a faithful adaptation. In his words, the end of the series has not been completely reliable. Otherwise, they would have had to shoot another five seasons.

In that dialogue, Martin also recognized that the transfer of a literary story, as dense as his own, to the audiovisual medium could become somewhat “traumatic”. Moreover, when the demands of the studies and chain condition, in part, the narrative treatment is given to the adapted material.

“You get totally strange things like the weight of the studio or the chain. These suffer from something, in particular, that has nothing to do with the story. But it is related to ‘well, this character has a very high Q rating. So let’s give him many more things to do”

One should remember that the “Q rating” refers to a measure around the popularity of a media product. It includes a celebrity, a brand or a character. Then, Martin’s words emphasize that the narrative twists, embraced by the HBO series. So they have considered factors beyond the plot’s demands. In this fact, the fate of Arya Stark within the show (for example) finds justification?


George RR Martin is still awaiting the publication of the latest books in his series. That is the “Winter Winds and Spring Dream”. Will there be a lot of material in these novels that we may like to see in other GoT seasons?

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