The new DC Arrowverse series has thrown all the meat on the grill in its final trailer. Because of the definitive video preview of the television adventures of Kate Kane, Who is Bruce Wayne’s cousin and Gotham’s new hero.

‘ Batwoman ‘ arrives in the United States this October 6 through The CW (and a day later at HBO Spain ). It will come with Ruby Rose ready to conquer the audience with the first season of this series.

Batwoman Season 1
Batwoman Season 1

Well, the trailer lets us guess that we are going to have a good dose of action. Fights, robberies, and much darkness dominate this video that has hung over these lines. We can already see it as that will be the main part of the season.

The same Batwoman, her father and his private army will entertain Fans. There will be different allies of the heroine and the two villains that she will have to face are Alice and Tommy Elliot.

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However, we know that it will not be until the third chapter (entitled Down Down Down ), scheduled for October 20. When we can see Rose characterized as Batwoman with her spectacular costume and her characteristic red wig. Because the first two chapters will be dedicated to Bruce’s cousin finding out her heroic identity.

It will all start with Jacob Kane ( Dougray Scott ), Kate’s father and former military colonel. It is he who is now in charge of the private security company of Gotham. Since the police cannot reach everywhere and the batman has been missing for three years.

Upon returning to the city, Kate discovers the truth about her cousin Bruce upon entering Wayne Mansion and decides to take over. In his first mission, she will have to face Alice ( Rachel Skarsten ) and Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann). Will you love it when it arrives?

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