The Rain Season 3: What We Know

The Rain Season 3: What We Know

The Rain Season 3 aired for a second time on May 2019. However, what do we know thus far about the third series so far?

The Rain' Season 3
The Rain’ Season 3

Here you can find all the information about the Danish drama with an expected release date on Netflix. For starters, the show aired for the first time in 2018 and is a big hit with the Scandinavian noir fans.

The Rain Season 2 Currently Showing on Netflix

A small warning you can expect some spoiler alerts for Season 2 of the Rain. While some countries are already watching the popular series, others are still waiting for it to release.

Currently, the third and final seasons expected to release in 2020 — the first series released in May 2018 and the 2nd in May 2019. Therefore, we can expect it to follow the same pattern.

The announcement was official on Facebook with the status, “Survival Squad: We’ll see you in 2020 for a third and final season.”

During season one, The Rain fans saw eight episodes while the second season features six and not clear what the third season holds.

Who is in the group of actors?

You can look forward to the young survivors from season one with the siblings Rasmus (played by Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen) and Simone (played by Alba August.)

However, one actor will not be returning Lea (Jessica Dinnage,) as she sacrificed herself in season two to save Simone.

What Can You Expect to Happen in The Rain Season Three?

For those of you who have not watched the series, it is about two Danish siblings Rasmus and Simone.

For six years, the two hide out in a shelter as a virus carried by the rainfall wipes out all humans in Scandinavia.

They leave the shelter hoping to survivors and search for a place that is safe to live. Season two had a dramatic finish as Apollon, the company who caused the rain virus captures Rasmus.

Furthermore, many cliffhangers need clearing in the final season after Sarah (Clara Rosager) has the virus. Therefore, you can expect season three bringing loose ends together to see if the virus stops.

So brace yourself, as you will see loads of drama and tragedy taking place. What is more, if the entire seasons not covered we may even see a season 4.

So keep your eyes peeled for this fantastic series created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Christian Potaliva, and Esben Toft Jacobsen in 2020.

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